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Podcast 50; Another Judkin Fitzgerald

The notorious Judkin Fitzgerald may have received a baronetage for his role in suppressing the 1798 rebellion in Tipperary; however he didn't enjoy the honour for long and ill luck seemed to hover around his descendants.

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Podcast 49: George Borrow II

In his semi-autobiographical book 'Lavengro', George Borrow gave a wonderful description of his experiences attending the Grammar School in Clonmel. In 1815 the school was in decline  with one teacher, and elderly clergyman, so the boys amused themselves in other…

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Clonmel Charter School

Silver Spring house in #Clonmel has an interesting history. Originally built at a cost of £907 as a Charter boarding school it opened in 1748. The school was set up by the 'Incorporated Society for the promotion of Protestant Schools…

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Putting Clonmel’s History on the Map

OpenStreetMap want your help for Heritage Week. They want to map all the history of #Clonmel by adding buildings, plaques, memorials etc. The possibilities are almost endless in what to add, even old street names, old uses of buildings, architects for buildings…

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Podcast 46; Judkin Fitzgerald

Tipperary, usually to the forefront in rebellions was relatively subdued in 1798. This was in a large part due to the extreme measures employed by the county High Sheriff, Thomas Judkin Fitzgerald. Who earned the nickname 'Flogging Fitzgerald' for his…

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Podcast 45: George Borrow I

George Borrow, a novelist most famous for his book Lavengro, spent some time in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary as a boy. His father was a military man and the family moved between postings until George was a teenager. While in Clonmel…

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Podcast 44; A Tipperary Town MD I

Todays podcast introduces Dr. Jeremiah Dowling and his diary. Dr Dowling was the Medical officer for the #Tipperary Workhouse for a period of 45 years during which he kept a diary.

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