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October lecture now available online

The surviving 1766 religious census returns for Cashel & Emly diocese

In our October lecture Dr. Brian Gurrin delivered an engaging talk on the surviving 1766 religious census returns for Cashel & Emly diocese. If you missed the live event, or simply want to revisit the talk, be sure to check out our  both our YouTube and Soundcloud channels. We highly recommend giving it a listen!

In the lecture, Dr. Gurrin delves into the history of the census and its significance in understanding the religious demographics of Ireland during the 18th century. With his infectious enthusiasm and extensive knowledge, he brings the topic to life and makes it a fascinating listen.

The surviving census returns provide a unique glimpse into the social and religious makeup of the Cashel & Emly diocese, and Dr. Gurrin expertly guides us through the various figures and statistics. He also highlights the challenges of working with historical records and the importance of understanding the context in which they were created.

Whether you’re a history buff, a genealogist, or simply interested in learning more about Ireland’s past, this lecture is sure to captivate and inform. So why not give it a listen and learn more about this fascinating piece of Irish history?

You can find the lecture on our YouTube channel at and on Soundcloud at Don’t miss out on this fascinating glimpse into Ireland’s past!

High quality images of the original returns are now available on


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