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1847 – “Guy Fall”

Freemans Journal, 2 April 1847 Normally the likes of James Bond would undertake this type of thing on board the Orient Express, as it wound its way through the gorgeous scenery of the Swiss Alps. A terrifying Spectre unfolded when…

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1847 – “Broadsheet Bickering”

Tipperary Constitution, 10 April 1847   The Tipperary Free Press and the Tipperary Constitution were contemporaries, both printed in Clonmel in the middle of the 19th Century. The attitudes they expressed in their columns, however, could not have been more…

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1847 – “Perfect Pandemonium”

Tipperary Vindicator 21 April 1847 The Hon. William Edward FitzMaurice was the Conservative MP for Buckinghamshire during the 14th British Parliament. When, in April of 1847, he declared that the County of Tipperary was in a state of "perfect pandemonium"…

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1847 – “Turnip Bread”

Tipperary Free Press, 24 April 1847 April 1847 and Ireland's over-reliance on the potato as a staple had been tragically and horrifically exposed many months previous. Desperate attempts had been made to provide a substitute for the starving population, perhaps…

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1944 – A Lively Wake

  Irish Press, 16 March 1944 A Lively Wake When Clonmel man John Langley passed away in 1674, his last will and testament laid out the manner in which he wished to be waked. It involved whiskey and knives. The…

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1944 – “Ireland’s Answer”

The Nenagh Guardian, 18 March 1944 An impassioned plea to the readership of the Guardian of 18 March 1944 to maximise their efforts in increasing food production. The article floats the threat of another famine and makes reference to the…

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