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1847 – “Guy Fall”

Freemans Journal, 2 April 1847

Normally the likes of James Bond would undertake this type of thing on board the Orient Express, as it wound its way through the gorgeous scenery of the Swiss Alps. A terrifying Spectre unfolded when the Thurles-Cork mail car parted company with its pilot outside Cashel in March 1847, and the somewhat similar (yet much less glamorous) task of avoiding disaster fell to a man named, not Connery, but Conolly: John Conolly. He was left shaken, not stirred, and even had the presence of mind to ensure that the mail was safely delivered, before summoning help for a mercy mission to recover the jettisoned driver, out of whom the Living Daylights had doubtless been frightened. We assume he spent the next while searching for “The Boy Who Shoved Me”…

Freemans Journal 2 April 1847



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