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Birthday of John O’Donovan

John O'Donovan born OTD 1809, responsible for researching place names for the 1840 Ordanance Survey (no fanciful conjecture included) and a few other producing the first complete translation of the Annals of the Four Masters. Drop in and have…

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Dressing for the weather in 1927

July 1927; the Murphy family keeping up appearances despite the sunshine. An example to us all. For more pictures of Edwardian Death by Geansaí check out the Murphy Ballinamona photographs in our digital collection.

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Sarsfields v Holycross

Have a look at some of our collection of GAA programmes. In this 1978 championship game played at Littleton there are some well known names and Given many were on the Sarsfields team you might be surprised at the result Holycross-Ballycahill 2:12 …

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Patrick Keely; 19th Century Architect

Did you know that many Catholic Cathedrals and churches built in the USA in the late 19th C. were designed by a lad from Thurles, Patrick Keely (Kiely). Born August 9th 1816 ; his father came to Thurles to build…

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Munster SHF programmes in Studies

Gearing up for the match on Sunday?.here are a few programmes of previous Cork v Clare ties in Semple stadium from our collection. check out the 80's hair..sure they didn't need helmets in those days!

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Tipperary placenames; Congor Church (alias)

O’Donovans dilemma while researching place names in North Tipperary; a classic example of fence case the bishop might be displeased..want to check out local names in your area? We have the complete Tipperary place names and letters collection in…

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Irish Sweathouses; Rural health spas

Suffering from lameness, sciatica, sore eyes, fever, arthritis or skin disorders? Up to the mid 19th C. you trotted along to the local sweat house. Though getting to this one in Boolatin, Silvermines with rheumatism would be a bit problematical.…

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Tipperary folklore; St. Johns Eve

It was traditional to light bonfires on St. John's Eve, 23rd June. So this evening never mind the’s St. Johns Eve, have a bonfire instead And don’t forget to bring the cows!

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