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1998 – Hikers Are Forced to Quit Due to Bullish Sign on Devil’s Bit

bull inside

Tipperary Star, 15 August 1998

It’s something one always needs to be wary of when tramping through the glens and meadows of Co. Tipperary – “The Bull”. They can spring out of anywhere and it’s a scientific fact that every acre of the county’s rambling and verdant countryside has one. They hide behind gorse bushes and high ditches and the like. And they can strike with the speed of a comet. Frightening the daylights out of ramblers is their stock-in-trade. So it’s understandable why visitors to the Devil’s Bit, outside Templemore, were put off when they were confronted with some unsettling signage during their ascent of one of the county’s best known climbs…

Tipperary Star 15 August 1998

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