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1859 – Clonmel Mob Helps Release Some Captives From Police

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The Limerick, Tipperary & Waterford Examiner, 17 August 1859


If you had the misfortune of being arrested by the police in Clonmel during August 1859, it would appear that help was at hand and you stood a good chance of escaping their clutches. Bands of militiamen (be they official Army militia or simply armed rebels, the distinction isn’t clear) and reapers (presumably farm labourers on leave from their toils at the harvest) were making quite a habit of freeing those they believed needed to be sprung from the clutches of the police, and as this report illustrates, the confrontations had the potential to turn bloody. Special mention is made of one particular lady who intercedes on behalf of one of the policemen who had found himself in a tight spot:

The Limerick, Tipperary & waterford Examiner, 17 Aug 1859

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