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Podcast 41; Lady Clementina Maude II

Lady Clementina began her photography career in 1856 or early 57 while staying at the family estate in Dundrum, Tipperary in 1859 the family moved to London and Lady Clementina exhibited in the annual exhibition of the Photographic Society of…

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Podcast 38; Lady Clementina Maude I

The back story of Lady Clementina Maude, a pioneering photographer of the Victorian era and how she became associated with Dundrum in #Tipperary

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Podcast 35; Peter Gill II

Today's podcast continues the story of Peter Gill from Nenagh, a tireless campaigner his paper covered many nationalist and land agitation meetings in #Tipperary including a St. Patrick's banquet in 1861

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Podcast 32; John Keegan and Tipperary II

From his base in Tipperary John Keegan used Bianconis cars to travel aroung the Southern counties visiting places such as the new Cistercian monastery of Mount Melleray, founded by monks expelled from the abbey of Melleray after the French Revolution…

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Podcast 31; John Keegan and Tipperary I

In 1839 John Keegan, working with the Ordnance Survey, visited Tipperary. He kept diaries of his experiences and todays podcast recounts some of the interesting people he encountered during his work. From Mr Ashe wth the collapsing house to Lady…

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Podcast 23; The Scottish King II

Part 2 of the Scottish King tells the story of Edward Bruce's army in Munster. From the Butler accounts we get a picture of military campaigning in the 14th Century as Edmund Butler raises an army in Tipperary to counteract…

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