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Part 3: Irish Burial Sites in World War I, D-K – Tom Burnell

Great War Inside

Military historian Tom Burnell (author of ‘The War Dead’ series and ‘Irishmen in the Great War’) has compiled a five-part list of statistics pertaining to the Irish casualties for World War I. In this third part of 5, Tom lists alphabetically the cemeteries worldwide where Irish casualties are buried, continuing with letters D to K.(Parts 4 & 5, listing the cemeteries, will be published here during Heritage Week, 22 – 26 August).


Dadizeele Communal Cemetery, Belgium.-5.

Dadizeele New British Cemetery in Belgium.-49.

Dainville British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France-6.

Dainville Communal Cemetery, France-2.

Dalhouse Civil Cemetery, India-1.

Damascus Commonwealth Cemetery, Syria-11.

Damery Communal Cemetery, France.-1.

Danbury (St John The Baptist) Churchyard.-1.

Danestown Graveyard.-1.

Dantzig Alley British Cemetery Mametz in France-21.

Daours Communal Cemetery Extension, France-10.

Dar Es Salaam War Cemetery in Tanzania-35.

Dartmoor Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt in France-9.

Deal Cemetery, Kent, UK-7.

Dean’s Grange Cemetery, Dublin.-79.

Dedeagatch British Cemetery, Greece-1.

Deepcut Military Cemetery, Surrey.-3.

Deir El Belah War Cemetery, Israel-5.

Delgany (Christ Church) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Wicklow-4.

Delhi (India Gate) Memorial in India-30.

Delhi 1914-1918 War Memorial, India-3.

Delhi War Cemetery, India-2.

Delsaux Farm Cemetery, Beugny in France-7.

Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval in France-76.

Demuin British Cemetery-1.

Dendermonde Communal Cemetery and Extension-2.

Deolali Government Cemetery, India-2.

Derby (Nottingham Road) Cemetery, Derbyshire-3.

Dernakesh Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cavan-1.

Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension in France-30.

Dernancourt Communal Cemetery, in France-6.

Derry and Dunipace Cemetery-1.

Derry House Cemetery No 2, Heuvelland, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium-1.

Derryvally Presbyterian Churchyard, County Monaghan-1.

Desertegney Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Donegal-1.

Desplanque Farm Cemetery, La-Chapelle-D’Armentieres, Nord, France-3.

Devizes Cemetery, UK-1.

Devonshire Cemetery, Mametz.-1.

Dickebusch New Military Cemetery Extension in Belgium-10.

Dickebusch New Military Cemetery in Belgium.-26.

Dickebusch Old Military Cemetery in Belgium-8.

Dinant Communal Cemetery in Belgium-1.

Dingle (St James) Curch of Ireland Churchyard, County Kerry-1.

Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-Le-Sec in France-13.

Divisional Cemetery, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium-8.

Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery and Extension in Belgium-5.

Dochy Farm New British Cemetery in Belgium-11.

Dodoma Cemetery in Tanzania-2.

Doingt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France-6.

Doiran Memorial in Greece-160.

Doiran Military Cemetery in Greece-15.

Dolla old Graveyard near Nenagh, County Tipperary-1.

Dominion Cemetery, Hendecourt-Les-Cagnicourt, Pas-De-Calais, France-6.

Domino British Cemetery, Epehy.-1.

Don Communal Cemetery, Annoeullin, France-1.

Donagh Old Graveyard, County Fermanagh.-1.

Donaghcumper Cemetery-2.

Donaghmore Old Graveyard.-1.

Doncaster Hyde Park Cemetery, Yorkshire, UK.-1.

Doneraile (Old Court) Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Donoughmore Catholic Churchyard, County Cork-3.

Doonbeg Catholic Cemetery, County Clare-1

Doonbeg Churchyard, County Clare-1.

Dorchester Cemetery, Dorset. U.K-1.

Douai British Cemetery, France.-2.

Douai Communal Cemetery.-1.

Douala Cemetery, Cameroons-1.

Douchy-Les-Ayette British Cemetery in France-19.

Douglas (St Luke) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-5.

Douglas Catholic Cemetery, Cork-20.

Douglas Catholic Cemetery, County Cork-2.

Douglas Cemetery (Isle of Man)-2.

Doullens Communal Cemetery Extesion, France-38.

Dover (St James) Cemetery-17.

Dozingham Military Cemetery in Belgium-87.

Dragoon Camp Cemetery, Belgium-1

Dranouter Churchyard.-1.

Dranoutre Military Cemetery in Belgium.-13.

Drinagh Old Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Drishane Graveyard.-1.

Drogheda (Calvary) Catholic Cemetery, County Louth.-3.

Drogheda (St Mary) Church of Irealnd Churchyard, County Louth-1.

Drogheda (St Peter’s) Catholic Cemetery-4.

Dromavally Burial Ground Killorglin, County Kerry-1.

Dromin Old Graveyard.-2.

Dromod Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Kerry-3.

Drumalee Catholic Cemetery-1.

Drumcar (St Fintan) Church of Ireland) Churchyard-1.

Drumcondra (St John the Baptist) Churchyard-1.

Drumcondra St George’s Burial Ground, Dublin-4.

Drumcong Catholic Churchyard.-1.

Drumconrath New Catholic Cemetery-1.

Drumcor Catholic Churchyard-1.

Drumgoon (Middle Chapel) Catholic Churchyard, County Cavan-1.

Drummond Cemetery, Raillencourt-1.

Drumshanbo Catholic Churchyard.-1.

Drung Catholic Churchyard, County Donegal-1.

Duala Cemetery, Cameroon.-1.

Dublin Friend’s Burial Ground, County Dublin.-1.

Dud Corner Cemetery, Loos in France-90.

Dudley Park Cemetery, South Australia.-1.

Dueville Communal Cemetery Extension, Italy-1.

Duhallow A. D. S. Cemetery in Belgium-37.

Duisans British Cemetery Extension in France-2.

Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun in France-48.

Dunbrody Park, Arthurstown, County Wexford.-1.

Dundalk (Castletown) Catholic Cemetery, County Louth-3.

Dundalk (St Patrick’s) Cemetery, County Louth-20.

Dundee (Balgay) Cemetery-3.

Dunfermline Cemetery-1.

Dunfierth Graveyard-1.

Dungarvan (St Mary) Catholic Churchyard, County Waterford-1.

Dungourney Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Dunkirk Town Cemetery, France-10.

Dunlavin (St Nicholas) Churchyard, County Wicklow.-1.

Dunleckney Cemetery, Bagenalstown, County Carlow.-1.

Dunmore Catholic Churchyard, Kilkenny.-1.

Durban (Stellawood) Cemetery in South Africa-4.

Durban (West Street) Cemetery, South Africa-1.

Durrington Cemetery, Wiltshire-2.

Durrow (St. Columbcille) Catholic Churchyard, Co Offaly-2.

Durrow Catholic Churchyard in County Laois-2.

Dury Crucifix Cemetery in France.-3.

Dury Mill British Cemetery-3.

Dury Mill Cemetery, Pas-De-Calais, France.-2.


East Finchley Cemetery and St Marylebone Crematorium-1.

East London Cemetery Hermit Road, Canning Town,.-1.

East London Cemetery, Plaistow. U.K.-1.

East Mudros Military Cemetery in Greece-40.

Eastbourne (Ocklynge) Cemetery, Sussex, UK.-3.

Eastern Health Board Offices Grounds of Kilmainham in Dublin-4.

Eastern Health Board Offices Grounds, Kilmainham, Dublin-1.

Ebblinghem Military Cemetery in France-33.

Ebbw Vale Cemetery, Monmouthshire, UK.-1.

Ecclesmachan Cemetery, West Lothian, UK.-1.

Eckington Burial Ground, Derbyshire-1.

Ecoivres Military Cemetery Mont-St. Eloi in France-27.

Ecoust Military Cemetery, Ecoust-St. Mein-1.

Ecoust-St. Mein, Pas-De-Calais, France-3.

Edgeworthstown Cemetery, County Longford.-1.

Edinburgh (Comely Bank) Cemetery UK-6.

Edinburgh (Mount Vernon) Roman Catholic Cemetery-3.

Edinburgh (Newington or Echo Bank) Cemetery-1.

Edinburgh (Rosebank) Cemetery, Edingurgh-1.

Edinburgh (Seafield) Cemetery-1.

Edinburgh (Seafield) Cemetery-9.

Edinburgh Eastern Cemetery, Scotland-1.

Edmonton Cemetery, Alberta, Canada-2.

Edmonton St Joachim’s Roman Catholic Cemetery-1.

Eglish (Holy Trinity) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Offaly-1.

Elmhall Cemetery, Belcarra, County Mayo.-1.

Elouges Communal Cemetery-1.

Elzenwalle Brasserie Cemetery in Belgium-9.

Embarkation Pier Cemetery in Turkey-21.

Emo Catholic Churchyard, County Laois-2.

Englebelmer Communal Cemetery Extension in France-2.

Englebelmer Communal Cemetery-1.

Englefield Green Cemetery, Surrey-1.

Ennemain Communal Cemetery Extension, France-4.

Ennis (Clare Abbey) Cemetery-1.

Ennis (Drumcliff) Cemetery, County Clare-7..

Enniscorthy New Catholic Cemetery, County Wexford-7.

Enniskillen Roman Catholic Cemetery-1.

Ennistymon Cemetery, County Clare-5.

Epehy Woiod Farm Cemetery, Epehy-19.

Eppeville Old Churchyard, France-1.

Epsom Cemetery, UK.-6.

Erquelinnes Communal Cemetery, France-2.

Erquinghem-Lys Churchyard, Extension-22.

Eshowe Cemetery, Kwazulu, Natal, South Africa-1.

Esnes Communal Cemetery, France-2.

Esplechin Churchyard, Tournai, Hainaut, Belgium-1.

Esquelbecq Military Cemetery, France-9.

Esquimalt (Veternas) Cemetery in Canada-2.

Essex Farm Cemetery in Belgium-26.

Estaires Communal Cemetery and Extension in France-18.

Eston Cemetery, Yorkshire.-1.

Etaples Military Cemetery in France-208.

Eterpigny Communal Cemetery Extension-1.

Etreat Churchyard Extension in France-5.

Etreat Churchyard in France-9.

Etreux British Cemetery, Etreux, Aisne, France-61.

Etreux Communal Cemetery, Aisne, France.-2.

Ettagh (St Mark) Churchyard, County Offaly-1.

Euston Post Cemetery, Laventie, France-8.

Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps in France-11.

Exeter Higher Cemetery, Devon.-3.


Faenza Communal Cemetery, Ravenna Emilia-Romagna, Italy-1.

Faithlegg Catholic Churchyard in Waterford-1.

Fakenham Cemetery, Fakenham, Norfolk.-2.

Falmouth Cemetery, Cornwall.-2.

Famagusta Military Cemetery, Cyprus-1.

Fampoux Military Cemetery, Pas-De-Calais, France-2.

Fanlobbus (St Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Fareham, Cemetery, UK-1.

Faslane Cemetery, Dunbartonshire.-1.

Faubourg D’Amiens Cemetery, Arras in France-51.

Fauquissart Cemetery, Laventie-1.

Fauquissart Military Cemetery, Laventie, France-1.

Favreuil British Cemetery-3.

Featherston Cemetery, South Wairarapa District.-2.

Felixtowe New Cemetery, Suffolk.-2.

Fenor, Catholic Churchyard, County Waterford-1.

Ferme Buterne Military Cemetery in France-43.

Ferme-Olivier Cemetery in Belgium-22.

Fermoy Military Cemetery, County Cork-21.

Ferozepore Military Cemetery.-1.

Ferrybank Catholic Churchyard, Kilkenny-1.

Feuchy British Cemetery in France.-8.

Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt in France-7.

Feuquieres-En-Vimeu Communal Cemetery in France-1.

Fienvillers British Cemetery in France-3.

Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery, Villers-Plouich, Nord, France-5.

Fillievres British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France-1.

Finner Cemetery, County Donegal-9.

Fins New British Cemetery, Somme in France-14.

Fintown Catholic Churchyard, County Donegal-1.

Fishguard Church Cemetery-1.

Five Points Cemetery, Lechelle, France-2.

Flanders Field American Cemetery, Belgium.-3.

Flatiron Copse Cemetery. Mametz in France-30.

Flenu Communal Cemetery, Belgium-2.

Flesquieres British Cemetery in France.-1.

Flesquieres Hill British Cemetery, France.-2.

Floursies Churchyard in France-5.

Flushing (Vlissingen) Northerm Cemetery, Zeelands, Netherlands-2.

Folkestone Old Cemetery, Kent. U.K.-2.

Fonatine-Au-Bois Communal Cemetery-1.

Foncquevillers Military Cemetery in France-8.

Fontaine-Au-Bois Communal Cemetery, Nord, France.-3.

Fontaine-Au-Pire Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Forceville Communal Cemetery and Extension in France-7.

Ford Park Cemetery (formerly Plymouth Cemetery) (Pennycomequick) UK-34.

Forest Communal Cemetery, France-2.

Forest of Dean (Christ Church) Churchyard-1.

Forest Town (St Alban) Churchyard-1.

Foreste Communal Cemetery, Aisne, France-1.

Forgan (Vicarsfield) Cemetery-1.

Fornville Military Cemetery in France.-1.

Fort Carlisle Military Cemetery, County Cork-5.

Fort Pitt Military Cemetery in Kent, UK-10.

Fosse 7 Military Cemetery (Quslity Street), Mazingarbe.E-1.

Fosse No 10 Communal Cemetery Extension, Sains- En-Gohelle-8.

Fouilloy Communal Cemetery, Somme-1.

Foulkstown Catholic Churchyard, County Kilkenny-2.

Fouquescourt British Cemetery in France-9.

Fouquieres Churchyard Extension in France-5.

Foxton Cemetery, Horowhenua District, New Zealand.-1.

Frameries Communal Cemetery-1.

France (1914-1918) Memorial. Berkshire-4.

Frankfurt Trench British Cemetery, Beaumont Hamel in France-2.

Franvillers Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France-3.

Fremantle Cemetery, Western Australia-8.

Freetown (King Tom) Cemetery Memorial, Sierra Leone-1.

Freetown (King Tom) Cemetery, Sierra Leone-2.

Frenchcourt Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Frensham (St Mary) Churchyard, Surrey-1.

Fricourt British Cemetery-1.

Friend’s Burial Ground, Summerhill South, Cork-1.

Frindsbury (All Saints) Churchyard, Kent-1.

Froickheim Cemetery, UK.-1.

Frosses Catholic Churchyard, County Donegal.-1.

Fulford Cemetery.-1.

Fulham Palace Road Cemetery-1.


Galway (Bohermore) New Cemetery, County Galway-17.

Galway (Forthill) Graveyard, County Galway-1.

Garrycloyne Catholic Cemetery, County Cork.-3.

Gaza War Cametery, Israel.-35.

Gent City Cemetery in Belgium-4.

Gentelles Communal Cemetery-1.

Geraldine Old Graveyard-1.

Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme in France-18.

Giavera British Cemetery, Arcade, Italy-4.

Giavera Memorial, Italy-1.

Gibraltar (North Front) Cemetery, Gibraltar-14.

Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery in Kent-26.

Glacknadrummond Methodist Churchyard, County Donegal.-1.

Glageon Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, France-3.

Glageon Communal Cemetery, Nord, France-2.

Glanworth Old Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Glasgow (Sighthill) Cemetery, Glasgow-2.

Glasgow (St Kentigern’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery-11.

Glasgow (St Peter’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery-3.

Glasgow Western Necropolis, Scotland-7.

Glaslough Church of Ireland New Cemetery, County Monaghan-1.

Glasnevin (or Prospect) Cemetery in Dublin-174.

Glasnevin (St Mobhi’s) Church of Ireland Churchyard, Dublin.-1.

Glencorse New Cemetery, UK.-1.

Glendermot Church of Ireland Churchyard and New Cemetery, Londonderry-1.

Glenealy Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Wicklow-1.

Glengariffe Bay Roman Catholic Cemetery, Antrim-2.

Glenkeen Cemetry outside Borrisoleigh, County Tipperary-1.

Glenmore (St James)Catholic Churchyard, County Kilkenny-1.

Glennan Presbyterian Churchyard, County Monaghan-1.

Glossop Cemetery.-1.

Godewaersvelde British Cemetery in France-14.

Godezonne Farm Cemetery-1.

Golder’s Green Crematorium, Middlesex-1.

Goldhanger (St Peter) Churchyard, Essex-1.

Gomiecourt South Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France-2.

Gommecourt British Cemetery No 2, Hebuterne, Franc-4.

Gommecourt Wood New Cemetery, Foncqueviller, Pas De Calais, France-2.

Gonnehem British Cemetery in France-2.

Gordon Cemetery, Mametz-1.

Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-La-Boiselle-11.

Gorey (Christ Church) Church of Ireland Churchyard-1.

Gorre British and Indian Cemetery in France-15.

Gorteen Graveyard-1.

Gosport (Ann’s Hill) Cemetery-2.

Gouy-En-Artois Communal Cemetery in France-1.

Gouzeaucourt New British Cemetery in France-9.

Granardkill Catholic Churchyard, County Longford.-1.

Grand Fayt Communal Cemetery, France-2.

Grand Hasard Military Cemetery, Morbecque in France-1.

Grand Ravine British Cemetery, Havrincourt-1.

Grandcourt Road Cemetery, Grandcourt, Somme, France-6.

Grand-Seracourt British Cemetery, France.-18.

Granezza British Cemetery-1.

Grange William Graveyard.-1.

Grangegeeth Old Graveyard.-1.

Grangegorman (Memorial-39.

Grangegorman Military Cemetery, Dublin-622.

Grangemouth (Grandsable) Cemetery in Stirlingshire-1.

Grantham Cemetery, Lincolnshire, UK.-5.

Gravesend Cemetery in Kent-4.

Great Crosby (St. Luke) Churchyard-1.

Great Warley (Christ Church) Cemetery, UK.-6.

Great Warley (Lorne Road) Cemetery-4.

Great Yarmouth (Caister) Cametery, Norfolk-2.

Great Yarmouth (Gorleston) Cemetery, Norfolk-1.

Green Dump Memorial in Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel in France-1.

Green Hill Cemetery in Turkey-40.

Greencastle (St Finian) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Donegal-1.

Greenock Cemetery, Renfrewshire, UK.-2.

Greenwich Cemetery, London.-23.

Grevillers (New Zealand) Memorial in France-6.

Grevillers British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.-25.

Greyshott (St Joseph) Roman Catholic Churchyard, Hampshire, UK-1.

Greystones (Redford) Cemetery, Co Wickow-1.

Grimsby (Scartho Road) Cemetery, Lilconshire, UK.-7.

Grootebeek British Cemetery.-1.

Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte in France-49.

Guards Cemetery Windy Corner, Cuinchy-.53.

Guard’s Cemetery, Lesbouefs, France.-51.

Guards Grave, Villers Cotterets Forest in France-18.

Guemappe British Cemetery, Wancourt, France.-1.

Guildford (Stoke) Old Cemetery, UK.-1.

Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont, Somme, France-34.

Guise (La Desolation) French National Cemetery, Flavigny-le-Petit-2.

Guise Communal Cemetery in France-7.

Guizancourt Farm Cemetery, Guoy, Aisne in France-10.

Gunners Farm Cemetery, Corrines-Warnetonb, Hainaut, Belgium-4.

Gwalia Cemetery in Belgium-10.


H.A.C. Cemetery, Ecoust-St. Mein, Pas-De-Calais, France-4.

Habarcq Communal Cemetery Extansion, France.-3.

Haddington Roman Catholic Graveyard.-1.

Hagle Dump Cemetery in Belgium-6.

Hagricourt British Cemetery-1.

Haidar Pasha Cemetery, Turkey-12.

Haidar Pasha Memorial in Istanbul, Turkey-2.

Haifa War Cemetery in Israel-13.

Hailles Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Halifax (Fort Massey) Cemetery, Nova Scotia, Canada-2.

Halifax (Mount Olivet) Cemetery, Nova Scotia-3.

Halifax (St John’s) Cemetery, Nova Scotia, Canada.-1.

Halifax (Stoney Road) Cemetery, Yorkshire, UK-2.

Halifax Memorial, Nova Scotia-4.

Halle Communal Cemetery, Belgium-2.

Halluin Communal Cemetery in France.-1.

Ham British Cemetery, Muille-Villette in France-12.

Hamburg Cemetery in Germany-15.

Hamel Military Cemetery, Beaumont Hamel, Somme, France-12.

Hamilton Cemetery, Ontario, Canada-2.

Hamilton East Public Cemetery, Hamilton City, New Zealand.-1.

Hampstead Cemetery, London.-3.

Hancourt British Cemetery, France-2.

Handsworth (St Joseph) Roman Catholic Graveyard, UK-1.

Hangard Communal Cemetery Extension, France-9.

Hannescamps New Military Cemetery, France-4.

Hanwell (City of Westminster) Cemetery, Middlesex-1.

Hargicourt British Cemetery, Aisne in France-9.

Hargicourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Aisne in France-1.

Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery in Belgium-18.

Harlebeke New British Cemetery in Belgium-45.

Harrogate (Grove Road) Cemetery.-1.

Hartlepool North Cemetery.-2.

Haslar Royal Navy Cemetery, Gosport in Hamsphire, UK-29.

Haspres Coppice Cemetery, Haspres-1.

Hastings Cemetery, Sussex-2.

Hatfield Road Cemetery, St Albans, Herts. UK-7.

Haute-Avesnes British Cemetery, France.-1.

Hautmont Communal Cemetery in France-9.

Hautrage Military Cemetery in Belgium-5.

Haverskerque British Cemetery in France-2.

Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No 2, Auchonvillers-13.

Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No. 1, Auchonvillers in France.-1.

Haynecourt British Cemetery, France.-2.

Hazebrouck Communal Cemetery in France-51.

Headley (All Saints) Churchyard-1.

Heath Cemetery, Harbonnieres on the Somme in France.-22.

Hebburn Cemetery-1.

Hebuterne Military Cemetery in France-6.

Hedauville Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France-2.

Hedge Row Trench Cemetery, Belgium-2.

Heestert Military Cemetery, Zwevegem, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium-2.

Heilly Station Cemetery, Mericourt-L’Abbe in France-74.

Helles Memorial in Turkey-1077.

Hem Farm Military Cemetery, Hem-Monacu in France-4.

Hendecourt-Les-Cagnicourt, Pas-De-Calais, France-1.

Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium, Middlesex, UK.-3.

Henin Communal Cemetery Extension in France-3.

Henin Crucifix Cemetery, France.-1.

Heninel-Croiselles Road Cemetery, France.-1.

Hennington Cemetery, Berkshire-1.

Henu Churchyard, Pas de Calais, France.-3.

Herbecourt British Cemetery in France.-1.

Herleville Churchyard, France.-1.

Hermies British Cemetery, Pas-De-Calais, France-2.

Hermies Hill British Cemetery in France-7.

Herne Bay Cemetery, Canterbury, Kent, U. K.-2.

Hersin Communal Cemetery Extansion-7.

Heudicourt Communal Cemetery Extension in France-5.

Hibernian Military School, Church of Ireland Churchyard, Pheonix Park, Dublin-1.

Hibers Trench Cemetery, Wancourt in France-1.

High Tree Cemetery, Montbrehain-1.

Highland Cemetery, Le Cateau in France-19.

Highland Cemetery, Roclincourt, Pas-De-Calais, France-9.

Hill 10 Cemetery in Turkey-23.

Hill of Slane Cemetery-1.

Hindley Cemetery-1.

Hoddesdon Cemetery, Hertfordfshire, UK-1.

Hollybrook Memorial in Southampton, UK.-68.

Holy Cross Cemetery, Charleville, County Cork.-1.

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Philadelphia-1.

Holycross Abbey, County Tipperary-1.

Holycross Cemetery beside the Abbey, County Tipperary-1.

Holyhead (St. Mary’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery-1.

Holyrood South Side Cemetery.-1.

Hong Kong St Michael’s Catholic Cemetery, China including Hong Kong.-2.

Honnechy British Cemetery in France-40.

Hooe (St John) Churchyard Extension, Devon.-1.

Hooge Crater Cemetery, Zillebeke, Belgium.-54.

Hop Store Cemetery, Ypres in Belgium.-5.

Hore Abbey ruins just outside Cashel.-1.

Hospital Farm Cemetery in Belgium.-3.

Houchin British Cemetery in France-11.

Houchin Communal Cemetery, Pas-De-Calais, France-1.

Houplines Communal Cemetery Extension in France-43.

Hourges Orchard Cemetery, Domart-Sur-La-Luce.-1.

Houtkerque Churchyard, France.-2.

Houyet Churchyard in France-2.

Hove Old Cemetery, UK.-1.

Hucqueliers Churchyard, France.-1.

Huddersfeild (Edgerton) Cemetery, UK.-2.

Huddersfeild (Lockwood) Cemetery, Yorkshire, UK.-1.

Hull (Hedon Road) Cemetery-1.

Hull Western Cemetery, UK.-4.

Huy (La Sarte) Communal Cemetery in Belgium-3.

Hyde Park Corner (Royal Berks) Cemetery, Belgium.-4.


Ilford Cemetery-1.

Immingham (St Andrew) Churchyard.-1.

Ingoyghem Military Cemetery.-2.

Inishkenny Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Inishlounaght Cemetery, County Tipperary-1.

Innerwick-in-Glenlyon Parish Churchyard, Perthshire.-1.

Invercargill (Eastern) Cemetery-1.

Inverness (Tomnahurich) Cemetery, Invernesshire-2.

Ipswich Old Cemetery-2.

Iringa Cemetery in Tanzania-2.

Irish House Cemetery in Belgium.-10.

Islandeady Graveyard, County Mayo-1.

Isle of Sheppy Cemetery, Sheerness, Kent-1.

Islington Cemetery, Middlesex.-1.

Ismailia War Memorial Cemetery in Egypt.-13.

Iwuy Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Ixelles (Elsene) Communal Cemetery in Belgium-1.


Jambes Communal Cemetery, Belgium-1.

Jamestown Cemetery, County Leitrim-2.

Janval Cemetery, Dieppe in France-3.

Jarrow Cemetery-1.

Jeancourt Communal Cemetery Extension in France.-6.

Jerusalem Memorial in Israel-29.

Jerusalem War Cemetery in Israel.-62.

Johnston’s Jolly Cemetery.-1.

Jonchery-Sur-Vesle British Cemetery-3.

Joncourt East British Cemetery, Aisne, France-1.

Jubbulpore Cantonment Cemetery, India-2.

Julianstown (St Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard.-1.


Kajiado Cemetery, Kenya.-1.

Kamloops (Pleasant Street) Cemetery, British Columbia-2.

Kamo Public Cemetery. Whangarei District, New Zealand.-1.

Kandahar Farm Cemetery in Belgium.-7.

Kantara Memorial, Egypt.-2.

Kantara War Memorial Cemetery in Egypt-30.

Karabole Mission Cemetery, Uganda.-1.

Karachi 1914-1918 War Memorial in Pakistan-10.

Karasuli Military Cemetery, Greece-22.

Karonga War Cemetery, Malawi.-1.

Katoomba General Cemetery, New South Wales, Australia-1.

Keel Burial Ground, County Kerry.-1.

Keighly (Morton) Cemetery.-1.

Kells (St John’s) Old Burial Ground.-2.

Kemmal Chateau Military Cemetery. Belgium-148.

Kemmel Churchyard in Belgium-4.

Kempston Cemetery, Bedford-1.

Kenmare (Old) Burial Grounds, Co. Kerry-1.

Kensal Green (All Soul’s) Cemetery, London, UK.-11.

Kensal Green (St Mary’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery, London.-26.

Kensington (Hanwell) Cemetery-1.

Kentville (St Joseph’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Nova Scotia, Canada-2.

Kezelberg Military Cemetery, Belgium.-1.

Khartoum War Cemetery, Sudan.-4.

Kilbarrack Cemetery in Sutton, Dublin.-3.

Kilbarron Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Donegal.-2.

Kilbarry Graveyard, County Cork.-1.

Kilbelan (St Conleth’s) Cemetery, County Kildare-5.

Kilbride Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Wicklow-1.

Kilbride Graveyard in County Kilkenny.-1.

Kilbrogan Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork.-1.

Kilcloony Catholic Churchyard, County Donegal-1.

Kilcock (St Joseph’s) Cemetery-2.

Kilcock (Whitetown) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Kildare.-1.

Kilcolman (St John) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Mayo.-1.

Kilcommock Old Graveyard, County Longford.-1.

Kilcommon Cemetery, County Wicklow.-2.

Kilcommon Church of Ireland Churchyard, Tinahely, County Wicklow-1.

Kilconierin Catholic Churchyard-1.

Kilcool Old Graveyard, Co. Wicklow-2.

Kilcoran Cemetery, Cork.-1.

Kilcreggane Graveyard in County Waterford.-1.

Kilcrumper Cemetery, County Cork.-6.

Kilcullen (Abbey) Cemetery.-2.

Kilcully Cemetery, County Cork-2.

Kildare (Grey Abbey) Cemetery.-1.

Kildare (St Bridget) Cathedral Cemetery.-4.

Kildeema Burial Ground, County Clare.-1.

Kilgariffe Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork.-2.

Kilgobbin Burial Ground, County Dublin.-1.

Kilgobnet Catholic Churchyard, Waterford.-1.

Kilkenny (St Canice) Church of Ireland Cathedral, Kilkenny.-1.

Kilkenny (St John) Catholic Churchyard, Kilkenny.-9.

Kilkenny (St Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Kilkenny.-2.

Kilkenny (St Maul’s) Graveyard, Kilkenny.-1.

Kilkenny New Cemetery, Kilkenny.-2.

Kilkinure Cemetery, Kiltimagh, County Mayo-1.

Kill of the Grange Old Graveyard, County Dublin-1.

Killaghtee Old Graveyard.-1.

Killala (St Patrick) Church of Ireland Churchyard.-1.

Killaloe (St Flannan) Cathedral Graveyard, County Clare-1.

Killaraght Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Sligo.-1.

Killarney (Muckross Abbey) Cemetery, County Kerry-1.

Killarney New Cemetery, County Kerry.-4.

Killea Graveyard, County Tipperary.-1.

Killeagny, Muckross, County Kerry.-1.

Killeek Old Graveyard, Swords, County Dublin.-1.

Killeevin, St Livinus Catholic Graveyard, County Monaghan.-1.

Killenard Catholic Churchyard, County Laois.-1.

Killeshandra Cemetery.-1.

Killeshin Church of Ireland Churchyard in County Laois-1.

Killingley Old Graveyard, County Cork. -1.

Killinure Old Graveyard in County Laois.-1.

Killiskey Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Wicklow.-1.

Killoughy Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Offaly.-2.

Killowen Graveyard, Murrough, County Cork-1.

Killybegs (St John’s) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Donegal-2.

Killybegs Catholic Cemetery, County Donegal.-1.

Killygarvan Catholic Graveyard, County Donegal.-5.

Kilmachunna Graveyard, Co. Offaly.-1.

Kilmacowen Cemetery, County Sligo.-1.

Kilmacree Old Graveyard.-1.

Kilmacshalgan (St Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Sligo.-1.

Kilmaine (Holy Trinity) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Mayo-1.

Kilmainham (Royal Hospital) Cemetery, Dublin.-7.

Kilmainham (St James) Church of Ireland Churchyard, Dublin City.-5.

Kilmainham (St. James) Church of Ireland Churchyard, Dublin City.-2.

Kilmainhamwood Old Graveyard, County Meath-1.

Kilmallie Old Churchyard, Inverness Shire-1.

Kilmeena Cemetery-1.

Kilmocomoge Cemetery, County Cork.-1.

Kilmoe (St Brendan) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork.-1.

Kilmoe Old Graveyard, County Cork. -2.

Kilmokea Cemetery, Campile.-1.

Kilmore (Grange) Graveyard, Wexford.-.2

Kilmore Church of Ireland Cemetery, Cavan.-1.

Kilmoylan Cemetery, Galway.-1.

Kilnamartyra Catholic Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Kilpatrick Old Graveyard, County Tipperary.-1.

Kilquane Cemetery, County Clare.-2.

Kilrane Catholic Churchyard, Co Wexford-1.

Kilross Graveyard, County Sligo.-1.

Kilruddane Cemetery.-1.

Kilrush (Shanakyle) Cemetery, County Clare-5.

Kilrush Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Clare.-9.

Kilsaran Cemetery, County Louth.-1.

Kilsaran Old Graveyard, County Louth.-1.

Kilscoran Church of Ireland Churchyard, Tagoat, Wexford-3.

Kilscully Cemetery, Cork.-1.

Kilshannig Cemetery, County Cork.-1.

Kilskeery Church of Ireland Churchyard in County Tyrone.-1.

Kiltallagh Catholic Churchyard, County Kerry.-1.

Kiltiernan Church of Ireland Cemetery, County Dublin.-1.

Kilturra Cemetery, County Sligo.-1.

Kilwa Kisiwani Cemetery-1.

Kilwirra Old Catholic Churchyard, County Louth.-1.

Kilworth Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Kinawley Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Fermanagh.-1.

Kingston (Cataraqui) Cemetery.-1.

Kingston (St Mary’s) Cemetery, Ontario.-2.

Kingston (Up Park Camp) Military Cemetery, Jamaica.-1.

Kington Magna (All Saints) Churchyard, Dorset.-1.

Kinsale (Old Abbey) Graveyard Co Cork.-14.

Kinsale (Ringcurran) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork.-3.

Kinsale (St Multose) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork.-7.

Kirechkoi-Hortakoi Military Cemetery in Greece.-17.

Kirk Patrick (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, Kirk Patrick, Isle of Man.-2.

Kirkbean Parish Churchyard.-1.

Kirkcudbright (St Cuthbert) Old Churchyard, Kirkcudbrightshire, UK.-1.

Kirkee 1914-18 Memorial in India-53.

Kirkee War Cemetery.-1.

Kisumu Cemetery, Kenya.-1.

Klagenfurt War Cemetery, Austria.-1.

Klein-Vierstraat British Cemetery in Belgium.-15.

Knawhill Cemetery, County Cork.-1.

Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart-18.

Knockainy Catholic Churchyard, Co. Limerick.-1.

Knockaroe Catholic Churchyard, County Laois-1.

Knockcommon Cemetery.-1.

Knockmourne Cemetery, County Cork.-1.

Knocktopher (Old Abbey) Graveyard, Kilkenny-1.

Knutsford Cemetery, Cheshire.-1.

Kooigem Churchyard, West Vlaanderen, Belgium.-2.

Kortrijk (St Jan) Communal Cemetery in Belgium.-9.

Kroonstad Old Cemetery, Free State, South Africa.-1.

Kut War Cemetery in Iraq.-6.

Kviberg Cemetery, Sweden.-1.

Kydgan New Cemetery, Allahbad.-1.


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