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Part 2: Irish Burial Sites in World War I, A-C – Tom Burnell

Great War Inside

Military historian Tom Burnell (author of ‘The War Dead’ series and ‘Irishmen in the Great War’) has compiled a five-part list of statistics pertaining to the Irish casualties for World War I. In this second part of 5, Tom lists alphabetically the cemeteries worldwide where Irish casualties are buried, starting with letters A to C.(Parts 3 – 5, listing the cemeteries, will be published here during Heritage Week, 22 – 26 August).



The number after the cemetery name indicates the number of soldiers buried within;


7th Field Ambulance Cemetery in Turkey-12.



A I F Burial Ground, Flers, France-18.

Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension-60.

Abbeville Communal Cemetery-3.

Abbey Cemetery, Youghal County Cork-2.

Abbeyleix Catholic Churchyard, County Laois-1.

Abbeyleix New Cemetery, County Laois-1.

Abbeymahon Old Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Abbeyshrule Graveyard, County Longford-1.

Abbeyside Cemetery, Dungarvan, County Waterford-1.

Abeele Aerodrome Military Cemetery-2.

Aberdeen (Allenvale) Cemetery, Scotland-3.

Aberdeen (Grove) Cemetery, Scotland-1.

Aberdeen (Nellfield) Cemetery, Scotland-1.

Aberdeen (Trinity) Cemetery, Aberdeenshire, UK-4.

Abney Park Cemetery, London-2.

Accrington Cemetery, UK-1.

Acheux British Cemetery in France-3.

Achiet-Le-Grand Communal Cemetery Extension in France-12.

Acton Cemetery UK.-1.

Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont in France-14.

Addolorata Cemetery in Malta-45.

Adelaide (West Terrace) Cemetery, Adelaide, South Australia-3.

Adelaide Cemetery Villers-Bretonneux. France-14.

Adinkerke Churchyard Extension, Belgium-2.

Adinkerke Military Cemetery in Belgium-4.

Aeroplane Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium-13.

Affane Cemetery, County Waterford-1.

Affane Old Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Waterford-2.

Agharra Graveyard, County Longford-1.

Aghern Cemetery, Conna, Fermoy, County Cork-1.

Aglishclohane (Aglish) Church of Ireland Churchyard, Tipperary-1.

Agny Military Cemetery in France-6.

Airdrie (St Joseph’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery-1.

Aire Communal Cemetery in France-28.

Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, Bellau, France-12.

Aix-Noulette Communal Cemetery Extension in France-9.

Albert Communal Cemetery Extension in France-17.

Albuera Cemetery, Bailleul-Sire-Bertholy, France-6.

Alderney Roman Catholic Cemetery, Channel Islands-1.

Aldershot Military Cemetery UK-33.

Alencon (St Leonard) Cemetery-2.

Alexandria (Chatby) Military and War Memorial Cemetery in Egypt-115.

Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery in Egypt-39.

Allonville Communal Cemetery in France-3.

Alva Cemetery, Clackmannanshire, Scotland-1.

Amara War Cemetery in Iraq-97.

Amerval Communal Cemetery Extension-1.

Ancre British Cemetery Beaumont-Hamel, France-47.

Annagh Cemetery, County Kerry-1.

Annagh Graveyard, Belturbet, County Cavan-1.

Annayalla (St Michael) Catholic Churchyard, County Monaghan-1.

Annequin Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France-2.

Anneux British Cemetery in France-16.

Annezin Communal Cemetery-1.

Annitsford (St John) Roman Catholic Churchyard, UK-1.

Anor Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Anzac Cemetery, Sailly-Sur-La-Lys in France-4.

Anzin-St. Aubin British Cemetery, France-2.

Arcachon Communal Cemetery-1.

Archangel Allied Cemetery in the Russian Federation-5.

Archangel Memorial in the Russian Federation-9.

Ardagh Old Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Ardbraccan (St Ultan) Church of Ireland Churchyard-1.

Ardcanny Churchyard, County Limerick-1.

Ardcarn (St Beaidh) Church of Ireland Churchyard, Roscommon-1.

Ardcath Graveyard, County Meath-2.

Ardcroney Old Graveyard, County Tipperary-1.

Ardee (St Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Louth-2.

Ardfert Cemetery. County Kerry-1.

Ardmore (Old Abbey) Graveyard, County Waterford-1.

Ardnagashel Private Burial Ground, County Cork-1.

Ardrossan Cemetery, Ayrshire, UK-1.

Ardrossan Parish Cemetery, Ayrshire-1.

Argoeuves Communal Cemetery in France-1.

Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France-1.

Ari Burnu Cemetery, Anzac, Turkey-3.

Arklow Cemetery, Co Wicklow-8.

Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, U.S.A-8.

Armagh (St Patrick’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery-2.

Arneke British Cemetery in France-21.

Arogyavaram Pothpole Union Mission Sanitorium Cemetery, India-1.

Arquata Scrivia Communal Cemetery Extension in Italy-2.

Arras Flying Services Memorial, Pas de Calais, France-19.

Arras Memorial in France-434.

Arras Road Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France-2.

Artillery Wood Cemetery in Belgium-57.

Ary Cemetery, Aryshire, Scotland-1.

Ashburton Cemetery, Ashburton District, New Zealand-1.

Ashburton Roman Catholic Cemetery, Gosforth, UK-3.

Ashfield Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cavan-1.

Ashton-in-Makerfield (St Oswald) Roman Catholic Chuchyard-1.

Ashton-Under-Lyne (Hurst) Cemetery-1.

Ashton-under-Lyne and Dukinfield Joint Cemetery, Cheshire-1.

Assevillers New British Cemetery in France-7.

Atherstone Old Cemetery, UK-1.

Athies Communal Cemetery Extension, France-5.

Athis-Mons Communal Cemetery-1.

Athlumney Old Graveyard-1.

Athnowen (ST Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Athy (St John’s) Old Cemetery, County Kildare-1.

Athy (St Michael’s) Cemetery-6.

Auberchicourt British Cemetery, Nord, France-1.

Aubers Ridge British Cemetery, Aubers, France-12.

Aubigny British Cemetery, France-1.

Aubigny Communal Cemetery Exension, France.-37.

Auchonvillers Military Cemetery in France-32.

Auchy-Les-Hesdin Communal Cemetery-1.

Auckland (Waikumete) Cemetery, Waikumete, New Zealand-1.

Audruicq Churchyard and Extension, Pas de Calais, France-1.

Aughaval (Holy Trinity) Church of Ireland Churchyard-2.

Aughavale Cemetery, Westport-1.

Aughrim Old Graveyard, Roscommon-1.

Aulnoy Communal Cemetery in France-5.

Aumatre Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Australian Book of Remembrance.-1.

Australian National Memorial, Villers-Bretonneux in France-3.

Authuile Military Cemetery, Authuille in France-20.

Aval Wood Military Cemetery, Vieux-Berquin in France-7.

Aveluy Communal Cemetery Extension, France-12.

Aveluy Wood Cemetery (Lancashire Dump), Mesnil-Martinsart in France-4.

Avesnes-Le Sec Communal Cemetery Extension in France-2.

Avesnes-Le-Comte Communal Cemetery Extension in France-7.

Avesnes-Sur-Helpe Communal Cemetery-2.

Awoingt British Cemetery in France-9.

Ayette British Cemetery in France-13.

Aylsham Cemetery in Norfolk, UK-1.

Ayr Cemetery, Ayrshire-2.

Azmak Cemetery, Suvla in Turkey-31.



Baarle Churchyard, Drongen, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium-1.

Baby 700 Cemetery, Anzac-1.

Bac-Du-Sud British Cemetery, Bailleulval in France-18.

Bacquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux, in France-15.

Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery in Iraq-95.

Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt in France-21.

Baileul Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord-02.

Bailleul Communal Cemetery (Nord) in France-241.

Bailleul Road East Cemetery, St Lauren-Blagny, France-13.

Balfeighan Cemetery, County Meath-1.

Balla (Holy Trinity) Church of Ireland Churchyard-1.

Balla Old Catholic Cemetery-1.

Ballaghaderreen Graveyard, Roscommon-1.

Ballina (Old League) Cemetery-3.

Ballina (Templehollow) Graveyard in Tipperary-1.

Ballina Catholic Cathedral Churchyard-1.

Ballinabrannagh Catholic Churchyard, County Carlow-1.

Ballinaclough Cemetery, County Limerick-1.

Ballinakill Graveyard, Galway-1.

Ballinakill House Private Burial Ground, Waterford-1.

Ballinakilla Churchyard, County Cork-2.

Ballinasloe (Creagh) New Cemetery, Galway-11.

Ballincollig, Military Cemetery, County Cork-10.

Ballingarry Old Graveyard in Tipperary-3.

Ballinrobe (St Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard-1.

Ballintemple Cemetery, County Cork-3

Ballintemple Old Graveyard, County Offaly-1.

Ballintra Cemetery, County Monaghan-2.

Ballybay First Presbyterian Churchyard, County Monaghan-2.

Ballybrack (St Mary) Catholic Churchyard, County Donegal-1.

Ballybrack Graveyard, County Donegal-1.

Ballybracken Graveyard, County Kildare-1.

Ballyburley Church of Ireland Churchyard, Co. Offaly-2.

Ballycumber (Liss) Churchyard, County Offaly-2.

Ballydesmond Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Ballydrinan Old Graveyard, Tipperary-1.

Ballyellin Cemetery, County Carlow.-2.

Ballyglass Cemetery, County Westmeath-18.

Ballygunner (St Mary) Catholic Churchyard in County Waterford-2.

Ballyhaunis (Abbey) Cemetery.-1.

Ballyhooley Old Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Ballyjamesduff Presbyterian Cemetery, County Cavan-1.

Ballyknocken Church of Ireland Churchyard, Carlow.-1.

Ballylaneen (St Anne) Catholic Churchyard, County Waterford-1.

Ballymacelligott Cemetery-1.

Ballymachugh (St Paul) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cavan.-1.

Ballymacoda (The Hill) Old Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Ballymacormack Graveyard, Longford-2.

Ballymacormick Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Longford-1.

Ballymodan Old Graveyard, Bandon, County Cork-2.

Ballymore Eustace (St John) Churchyard-1.

Ballymore Old Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Ballynacally (Kilchreest) Cemetery, County Clare-1.

Ballynacorra Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Ballynakilla Churchyard, County Cork-13.

Ballynaneashagh (St Otteran’s) Catholic Cemetery in County Waterford.-13.

Ballynarry Catholic Churchyard, County Cavan-1.

Ballyoskill Catholic Churchyard, County Killenny-1.

Balrothery (St Peter) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Dublin-2.

Baltimore (Tullagh) Graveyard, County Cork-3.

Banager Old Graveyard, Co Offaly-1.

Banbridge Town Cemetery, County Down-1.

Bancourt British Cemetery in France-9.

Bandon (Kilbrogan) Catholic Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Bandon (St Patrick) Catholic Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Bangor Cemetery, County Down-1.

Bangor Monachorum (St Dunawd) Churchyard in Flintshire-1.

Bangor, (Glanadda) Cemetery in Wales-1.

Bannow Cemetery, 7 miles South West of Taghmon, Wexford-1.

Bantouzelle Communal Cemetery, France.-1.

Bantry Abbey Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Bantry Abbey Cemetery, County Cork-2.

Bapaume Australian Cemetery in France-4.

Bapaume Post Military Cemetery, Albert-1.

Baraques Military Cemetery, Sangatte-1.

Barastre Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Bard Cottage Cemetery in Belgium-32.

Bari War Cemetery, Italy.-3.

Barlin Communal Cemetery Extension in France-19.

Barna Old Graveyard, County Galway-1.

Barnahely Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Barneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt, Somme, France-1.

Barnsley Cemetery-1.

Barnton Cemetery-1.

Barrie (St Mary’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Ontarion, Canada-1.

Barrowford (All Souls) Roman Catholic Burial Ground-2.

Barrow-in-Furness (Thorncliffe) Cemetery and Crematorium-1.

Barrow-In-Furness Cemetery, Lancashire-1.

Basra Memorial in Iraq-231.

Basra War Cemetery in Iraq-67.

Bath (Locksbrook) Cemetery, UK-1.

Bathgate Cemetery, West Lothian, U.K.-1.

Battleford (Municipal) Cemetery. Saskatchewan Canada-1.

Batumi British Cemetery-1.

Bazentin-Le-Petit Military Cemetery, Somme, France-4.

Beach Cemetery, Anzac, Turkey-8.

Beaucourt British Cemetery-1.

Beaulencourt British Cemetery, Ligny-Thilloy in France-3.

Beaumetz Cross Roads Cemetery, Beaumetz-les-Cambrai, Pas-de- Calais, France-5.

Beaumetz-Les-Cambrai Military Cemetery No 1-1.

Beaumetz-Les-Loges Communal Cemetery in France-1.

Beaumont-Hamel (Newfoundland) Memorial-1.

Beaumont-Hamel British Cemetery-1.

Beaurains Road Cemetery, Beaurains, Pas-De-Calais in France-7.

Beaurevior Communal Cemetery British Extension-1.

Beaurevoir British Cemetery in France-10

Beauval Communal Cemetery in France-8.

Becourt Military Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt in France-17.

Bective (St Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard-1.

Bedford House Cemetery, Enclosure No 2-1.

Bedford House Cemetery. Ypres, Belgium-45.

Beehive Cemetery, Willerval, France-1.

Beersheba War Cemetery, Israel-9.

Beirut War Cemetery-1.

Belfast (Dundonald) Cemetery-3.

Belfast (Milltoan) Roman Catholic Cemetery-18.

Belfast City Cemetery-7

Belgian Battery Corner Cemetery, Belgium-2.

Belgian Military Cemetery Oren (Begraafplatts Oeren)-1.

Belgrade Cemetery in Belgium-11.

Bellacourt Military Cemetery, Riviere, Pas-de-Calais, France-5.

Bellicourt British Cemetery Aisne, France-9.

Bellot Communal Cemetery-1.

Bells Hill Burial Ground-1.

Belmont Abbey (St Michael) Roman Catholic Churchyard. Hertfordshire-1.

Belturbet Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cavan-1.

Bennetsbridge Catholic Churchyard, County Kilkenny-1.

Berehaven (St Finian’s) Cemetery, County Cork-3.

Berehaven Cemetery, County Cork-2.

Berks Cemetery Extension in Belgium-16.

Berles New Military Cemetery in France-6.

Berles-Au-Bois Churchyard Extension, Pas-De-Calais, France-7.

Berlin South Western Cemetery, Germany-22.

Bermuda Royal Naval Cemetery-1.

Bernafay Wood British Cemetery, Montauban in France-16.

Bertenacre Military Cemeteru, Fletre in France-5.

Bertrancourt Military Cemetery in France-7.

Bessbrook (Christ Church) Church of Ireland Churchyard Extension, County Armagh-1.

Bethencourt Communal Cemetery, France-5.

Bethleem Farm West Cemetery, Mesen, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium-2.

Bethune Town Cemetery in France-204.

Beugnatre Communal Cemetery-1.

Beurevoir Communal Cemetery British Extension-1.

Beuval Communal Cemetery-1.

Beuvry Communal Cemetery Extension in France-3.

Beuvry Communal Cemetery in France-6.

Bevillers Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Bexhill Cemetery, UK-2.

Bienvillers Military Cemetery in France-22.

Biganos Communal Cemetery, Gironde, France-1.

Birchington (All Saint’s) Churchyard, Margate-1.

Birkenhead (Flatbrick Hill) Cemetery, Wirral, UK-4.

Birmingham (Lodge Hill) Cemetery, Warwickshire-1.

Birmingham (Lodge Hill) Cemetery-15.

Birmingham (Witton) Cemetery, UK-1.

Birmingham (Yardley) Cemetery-1.

Birr (Clonoghill) Cemetery, County Offaly-4

Birr Cross Roads Cemetery in Belgium-30.

Birr Military Cemetery, County Offaly-3.

Birr Old Graveyard, County Offaly-1.

Birtley (St Joseph) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Durham, U. K-1.

Blackpool (Layton) Cemetery, Lancashire-4.

Blackrock (St Michael) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-3.

Blackwater (Killila) Graveyard, Wexford-1.

Blairmore (St Annes) Roman Catholic Cemetery in Canada-1.

Blandford Cemetery UK-4.

Blangy-Tronville Communal Cemetery-1.

Blargies Communal Cemetery Extension, Oisne, France-3.

Blarney Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Blauwepoort Farm Cemetery, Ieper, Belgium-1.

Blenheim (Omaka) Public Cemetery, Marlborough District, New Zealand-1.

Blessington (St Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Wicklow-1.

Bleuet Farm Cemetery in Belgium-40.

Blighty Valley Cemetery, Authuile Wood in France-6.

Blue-Maison Military Cemetery, Eperlecques-1.

Bodelwyddan (St Margaret) Churchyard, Flintshire, UK-2.

Bodenstown Old Graveyard-1.

Bodmin Cemetery, UK-1.

Bois Guillaume Communal Cemetery France-9.

Bois-Carre British Cemetery, Thelus, Pas-de-Calais, France-77.

Bois-De-Noulette British Cemetery, Aiz-Noulette in France-6.

Bois-Grenier Communal Cemetery-2.

Bois-Guillaume Communal Cemetery Extension-3.

Bolton (Heaton) Cemetery-1.

Bondye (St Brandan) Old Churchyard-1.

Bonnay Communal Cemeteru Extension, Somme, France.-1.

Bonneville Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Bordon Military Cemetery, Hampshire, U.K.-3.

Borre British Cemetery in France-16.

Borre Churchyard, Nord, France-1.

Borrisokane New Cemetery, County Tipperary-1.

Boscon British Cemetery, Italy-2.

Botley (All Saints) Churchyard-1.

Bouchoir New British Cemetery. France-4.

Boulogne Eastern Cemetery in France-181.

Bourg-Et-Comin Communal Cemetery in France.-1.

Bournemouth East Cemetery-1.

Bouzincourt Communal Cemetery Extension in France-9.

Bouzincourt Ridge Cemetery, Albert-1.

Boves West Communal Cemetery Extension in France.-1.

Boves West Communal Cemetery in France-2.

Boyle (Aslynn) Cemetery, Roscommon-5.

Boyle Church of Ireland Churchyard, Roscommon-1.

Boymelles Communal Cemetery Extension-1.

Bradford (Scholemoor) Cemetery-1.

Bradford (Undercliffe) Cemetery, Bradford, UK.-3.

Bradford Bowling Cemetery, Yorkshire, UK-1.

Bradford-on-Avon Cemetery.-1.

Braine Communal Cemetery in France-5.

Bralo British Cemetery-2.

Bramley (St Peter) Churchyard, UK-1.

Bramshott (St Mary) Churchyard-2.

Brancourt-Le-Grand Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Brandhoek Military Cemetery in Belgium.-8.

Brandhoek New Military Cemetery in Belgium-56.

Brandon Cemetery, Manitoba-2.

Bray Military Cemetery in the village of Bray-Sur-Somme in France-13

Bray Vale British Cemetery, Bray-Sur-Somme-1.

Bray-Sur-Somme Communal Cemetery, Somme in France-2.

Breandrum Cemetery, County Fermanagh-2.

Brebieres British Cemetery, Pas-De-Calais, France-1.

Brecon Cemetery, Brecknockshire, UK.-1.

Brentwood Roman Catholic Cemetery, UK.-1.

Brewery Orchard Cemetery, Bois-Grenier, France-6.

Bridge House Cemetery-1.

Bridgend Cemetery, Glamorganshire-1.

Bridgetown Catholic Churchyard, County Clare.-1.

Brie British Cemetery, Brie, France.-4.

Brighton (Bear Road) Cemetery, UK.-1.

Brighton (Extra-Mural) Borough Cemetery, UK.-2.

Brighton (The Downs) Cemetery.-1.

Brighton and Preston Cemetery, UK.-1.

Brighton City (Bear Road) Cemetery.-1.

Brighton City Cemetery (Bear Road)-2.

Brisbane (Toowong) Cemetery, Queensland, Australia.-10.

Brisbane General Cemetery, Queensland, Australia-2.

Bristol (Arnos Vale) Roman Catholic Cemetery UK.-14.

Bristol (Greenbank) Cemetery-1.

Bristol (Canford) Cemetery-1.

Bromley (Plaistow) Cemetery, Kent.-1.

Brompton Cemetery, London-14.

Bronfay Farm Military Cemetery, Bray-Sur-Somme-14.

Brookwood (United Kingdom 1914-18) Memorial-21.

Brookwood American Cemetery, Woking, Surrey.-1.

Brookwood Cemetery, Surrey, U.K.-4.

Brookwood Memorial, Surrey-1.

Brookwood Military Cemetery UK.-37.

Brown’s Copse Cemetery, Roeux in France-13.

Brown’s Road Military Cemetery, Festubert in France-19

Browns Copse Cemetery in Reoux, France-24.

Bruay Communal Cemetery Extension-7.

Bruree Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Limerick-1.

Brussels Town Cemetery, Evere, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium-2.

Bubblingwell Cemetery, Shanghai, China.-2.

Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux-31.

Buffs Road, Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium-2.

Builly Cross Roads Military Cemetery, France-1.

Buisngy Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, France-2.

Bulawayo (Athlone) Cemetery in Zimbabwe, South Africa-1.

Bulls Road Cemetery, Flers, France-4.

Bully-Grenay Communal Cemetery, British Extension in France-10.

Bully-Grenay Communal Cemetery, French Extension in France-13.

Bunbeg Church of Ireland Cemetery, County Donegal-1.

Bungay Cemetery, Suffolk-1.

Bunratty Old Graveyard, County Clare-1.

Bunyans Cemetery, Tilloy-Les-Mofflaines, France-1.

Burnham-on-Sea Cemetery, Somerset-.1.

Burnley Cemetery-1.

Burriscarra Cemetery, County Mayo-1.

Bus House Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium-4.

Bushfield Cemetery, County Mayo-1.

Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension-6.

Butlerstown (St Anne) Catholic Churchyard, County Waterford.-1.

Buttes New British Cemetery, Polygon Wood in Belgium-3.

Buttevant (St John) Churchyard, County Cork-12.

Buttevant (St Mary’s) Catholic Cemetery, Cork-3.

Buttevant (St Mary’s) Catholic Cemetery, County Cork.-1.

Buzancy Military Cemetery-1.



Cabaret Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez in France-102.

Cabin Hill Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium-2.

Caerphilly (Penyrheol) Cemetery, Glamorganshire-2.

Caerphilly (St Martin) Churchyard-1.

Cagnicourt British Cemetery in France-4.

Caheragh Old Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Caherciveen (Killavarnogue) Cemetery, County Kerry-2.

Caherlag Old Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Cahir Military Plot, Cahir, County Tipperary-4.

Cahir Old Graveyard-1.

Cairo War Cemetery in Egypt-56.

Caix British Cemetery, France-2.

Calabar Memorial.-1.

Calais Southern Cemetery in France-28.

Calcutta (Bhowanipore) Cemetery, Kilkata, India-1.

Calgary Union Cemetery Canada-3.

Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery-1.

Calvary Cemetery, Winchester, Middlesex County, Massachusetts-1.

Cam Cemetery, Roscommon-1.

Cambrai (North Gate) War Cemetery-1.

Cambrai East Military Cemetery, Nord, France-4.

Cambrai Memorial, Louveral, France-161.

Cambridge (Mount View) Cemetery, Ontairo, Canada-1.

Cambridge City Cemetery, Cambridgeshire, U.K-1.

Cambridge City Cemetery, Cambridgeshire, U.K-8.

Cambrin Churchyard Extension in France-28.

Cambrin Memorial-2.

Cambrin Military Cemetery in France-13.

Camelon Cemetery, Falkirk, Scotland-1.

Camon Communal Cemetery-1.

Canada Cemetery, Tilloy-Les-Cambrai in France-5.

Canada Farm Cemetery in Belgium.-30.

Canadian Cemetery No 2, Neuville-St. Vaast, Pas-De-Calais, France-11.

Canadian Cemetery No 3, Neuville-St. Vaast, Pas-De-Calais, France-1.

Cannock Chase War Cemetery-1.

Cantaing British Cemetery in France-10.

Canterbury Cemetery, Kent.-2.

Cantimpre Canadian Cemetery, Sailly, Nord in France-2.

Cape Town (Maitland) Cemetery in South Africa-5.

Cape Town (Plumstead) Cemetery-2.

Capelle-Beaudignies Road Cemetery-1.

Cappamore (Tower Hill) Old Graveyard, County Limerick-1.

Cardiff (Cathays) Cemetery UK-9.

Carlingford (Holy Trinity) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Louth-2.

Carlow (St Mary’s) Cemetery, County Carlow.-7.

Carlow Old Cemetery, Carlow-2.

Carnieres Communal Cemetery Extension in France-3.

Carnlough (Cavalry) Roman Catholic Cemetery, County Antrim-1.

Carnmoney Cemetery, Newtown Abbey, County Antrim-2.

Carnock New Cemetery-1.

Carnoy Military Cemetery in France-23.

Carrick Graveyard, Edenderry, County Offaly-1.

Carrickmacross Church of Ireland New Cemetery, County Monaghan-1.

Carrickmacross Workhouse Cemetery, County Monaghan-1.

Carrick-on-Shannon (St George) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Leitrim-1.

Carrick-on-Suir New Cemetery, County Tipperary-3.

Carrigallen Catholic Churchyard-1.

Carrig-on-Bannow Cemetery, County Wexford-1.

Cashel (Rock of Cashe) Graveyard, County Tipperary-1.

Castlebar Catholic Cemetery-3.

Castlebar Church of Ireland Cemetery, County Mayo-1.

Castlecomer (St Mary) Church of Ireland Churchyard, Kilkenny-2.

Castlefin (St Mary) Catholic Cemetery-2.

Castlegannon Catholic Churchyard, County Kilkenny-1.

Castlehaven Old Graveyard, County Cork-1.

Castlehyde Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Castlehyde Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Castlemartin (St Michael) Churchyard UK-1.

Castletown Berehaven (St Finian’s) Cemetery, County Cork.-9.

Castletown Kinneigh Cemetery, Enniskean, County Cork-2.

Castletown Old Graveyard, Co. Offaly-1.

Castleyons Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Caterbury Cemetery, Kent. U.K.-1.

Caterham and Warlingham (Caterham) Burial Ground, UK.-3.

Caterpillar Valley (New Zealand) Memorial, Longueval France-12

Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval France-26.

Catherine British Cemetery, Pas-De-Calais, France-1.

Catterick Cemetery, Yorkshire-2.

Caudry British Cemetery in France-10.

Caudry Old Communal Cemetery, Nord in France-5.

Cawnpore Cantonment New Cemetery, India-4.

Cayeux Military Cemetery in France-4.

Celbridge (Church Lane) Cemetery, County Kildare-1.

Cement House Cemetery in Belgium-21.

Cemetery Montreal Hawthorn-Dale Cemetery-1.

Cemetery Rome (Testaccio) Protestant Cemetery, Rome-1.

Cerisy-Gailly French National Cemetery in France-1.

Cerisy-Gailly Military Cemetery in France-5.

Chambieres French National Cemetery, Metz, Mozelle in France-2.

Chanuk Bair (New Zealand) Memorial-1.

Chapel Corner Cemetery, Sauchy-Lestree-1.

Chapelizod (St Lawrence) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Dublin-3.

Chapelle British Cemetery, Holnon, in France-2.

Chapelle-D’Armentieres New Military Cemetery. Nord, France-2.

Chapelle-D-Armentieres Old Military Cemetery. Nord, France-4.

Charleroi Communal Cemetery, Hainaut, Belgium-2.

Charleville (Holy Cross) Cemetery, County Cork-2.

Charmes Military Cemetery, Essegney in France-4.

Chatby Memorial Cemetery in Egypt-32.

Chatby Memorial in Egypt-5.

Chatham (Maidstone Road) Cemetery, Kent-2.

Chatham Naval Memorial-121.

Chaudiere Military Cemetery, Vimy in France-1.

Chauny Communal Cemetery British Extension in France-5.

Cheltenham Cemetery, Prestbury-2.

Cherisy Road East Cemetery, Heniel, Pas de Calais, France.-1.

Chester Farm Cemetery, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium-5.

Chichester Cemetery, UK.-3.

Chigwell Row (All Saints) Churchyard-1.

Chipilly Communal Cemetery-2.

Chiselhurst Cemetery-1.

Chiswick Old Cemetery, UK.-1.

Chocques Military Cemetery in France-47.

Christchurch (Sydenham) Cemetery, New Zealand.-1.

Chunuk Bair (New Zealand) Memorial in Turkey-7.

Church of Ireland Graveyard, Holycross, County Tipperary-1.

Cimetiere de La Madeleine in Amiens, France-1.

Cinq Rues British Cemetery, Hazebrouck-27.

Cirencester Cemetery, Gloucestershire.-1.

Citadel New Military Cemetery, Fricourt in France-6.

Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery Armentieres, France-43.

City of Paris Cemetery, Pantin, France-2.

Clacton Cemetery-1.

Claines (ST. John the Baptist) Churchyard, UK-1.

Clane (St Michael) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Kildare-1.

Clara Monastery Old Graveyard, County Offaly.-1.

Clara Old Graveyard, County Kilkenny-1.

Claremorris (Ballinsmaula) Catholic Cemetery-2

Clashmore Old Church of Ireland Churchyard, Waterford-1.

Cleggan Graveyard, County Galway-1.

Cliveden War Cemetery, Buckinghamshire-1.

Clogher Old Graveyard, County Louth-1.

Clonallan Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Carlow-1.

Clondahorky Church of Ireland Churchyard-2.

Clondalkin (St John) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Dublin-1.

Clones (Sacred Heart) Catholic Cemetery, County Monaghan-1.

Clones (St Tighernach) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Monaghan.-1.

Clonmany (St Columba) Church of Ireland Churchyard-1.

Clonmany Catholic Churchyard, County Donegal-2.

Clonmel (St Patricks) Cemetery, County Tipperary-19.

Clonmel Friends Burial Ground-1.

Clonminch Catholic Cemetery, County Offaly-6.

Clonmore, Piltown, County Kilkenny-1.

Clontallagh (Mevagh) Graveyard, County Donegal.-1.

Cloonfinlough Old Graveyard, Roscommon-2.

Cloughanover Graveyard-1.

Cloughprior Cemetery, Tipperary-1.

Cloyne (St Coleman) Cathedral Churchyard, County Cork.-2.

Cobh Old Church Cemetery in County Cork-131.

Coburg General Cemetery.-1.

Cockhill Catholic Cemetery in Donegal.-11.

Cojeul British Cemetery, St Martin-Sur-Cojeul in France-4.

Colchester Cemetery, Essex, UK.-7.

Coleraine (St John) Roman Catholic Churchyard-1.

Colne Valley Cemetery, Belgium-1.

Cologne Memorial-1.

Cologne Southern Cemetery in Germany-61.

Colombo (Kanatte) General Cemetery, Sri Lanka-2.

Columbkille Old Graveyard, County Kilkenny-2.

Colwall (St James The Great) Churchyard, Herefordshire-1.

Combles Communal Cemetery Extension in France-8.

Compiegne South Communal Cemetery, Oise, France-1.

Compton Chamberlayne Cemetery, Wiltshire-1.

Conde-Sur-L’Escaut Communal Cemetery in France-3.

Confey Cemetery, County Kildare-1.

Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval, France-14.

Contalmaison Chateau Cemetery in France-2.

Contay British Cemetery, Contay in France-19.

Coon Catholic Churchyard in Kilkenny.-1.

Cootehill (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, County Monaghan-1.

Corbally Catholic Churchyard, County Waterford-1.

Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension in France-34.

Corbie Communal Cemetery in France-9.

Cork (St Finbarr’s) Cemetery, Cork-11.

Cork (St Joseph’s) Cemetery, Cork.-25.

Cork (The Friends) Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Cork Military Cemetery-68.

Cork Military Cemetery-83.

Cork Old Church Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Corkbeg Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-2.

Cornamagh Cemetery in Westmeath-29.

Couin British Cemetery in France-13.

Couin New British Cemetery, Pas De Calais, France.-7.

Coulommiers Communal Cemetery, Seine-Et-Marne, France-3.

Courcelette British Cemetery in France-9.

Courtnacuddy Catholic Cemetery, County Wexford-1.

Coxyde Military Cemetery in Belgium-38.

Crawley Monastery Burial Ground, Sussex.-1.

Cretinier Cemetery, Wattrelos-1.

Crewe Cemetery.-1.

Croiselles British Cemetery in France-58.

Croiselles Railway Cemetery in France-37.

Croix-Du-Bac British Cemetery, Steenwerck-1.

Cromarty Cemetery, Ross and Cromarty, U.K-1.

Cromer No 2 Burial Ground, Norfolk-1.

Cronenbourg French National Cemetery, Bas-Rhin in France.-1.

Crooke Old Graveyard, County Waterford-1.

Crookstown Churchyard-1.

Croonaert Chapel Cemetery, Heuvelland, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.-1.

Cross Roads Cemetery, Fontaine-Au-Bois in France-10.

Crosserlough Catholic Cemetery.-1.

Crouy British Cemetery, Crouy-Sur-Somme, France-6.

Crouy-Vauxrot French National Cemetery Crouy-2.

Croydon (Queen’s Road) Cemetery, Surrey.-2.

Cruden Parish Churchyard and Extensions-1.

Crump Trench British Cemetery, Fampoux, France-6.

Crusheen (Kylwince) Cemetery, County Clare-1.

Cuinchy Communal Cemetery in France-23.

Culdaff Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Donegal-1.

Cullen Old Cemetery, County Cork.-1.

Curragh Military Cemetery in Co Kildare-107.

Currin Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Monaghan-1.

Currykippane Cemetery, County Cork.-2.

Currykippane Cemetery, Rosanna Road, Kerry Pike, Cork.-2.

Currykippane Jewish Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Curtlestown Catholic Cemetery, County Wicklow-1.


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