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Part 4: Irish Burial Sites in World War I, L-Q – Tom Burnell

Great War Inside

Military historian Tom Burnell (author of ‘The War Dead’ series and ‘Irishmen in the Great War’) has compiled a five-part list of statistics pertaining to the Irish casualties for World War I. In this fourth part of five, Tom lists alphabetically the cemeteries worldwide where Irish casualties are buried, continuing with letters L to Q (Part 5 will be published here during Heritage Week, 22 – 26 August).



L’Isle De-Sein New Communal Cemetery, Finistere, France.-1.

La Baraque British Cemetery in France-1.

La Brique Military Cemetery No 1, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.-8.

La Brique Military Cemetery No 2, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.-19.

La Chapelette British and Indian Cemetery, Peronne-1.

La Chaudiere Military Cemetery, Vimy in France-9.

La Cheppe (Mont-Frenet) French National Cemetery. France-1.

La Clytte Military Cemetery, Belgium-12.

La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial in France-201.

La Gorgue Communal Cemetery in France-10.

La Kreule Military Cemetery, Hazebrouck in France-13.

La Laiterie Military Cemetery in Belgium.-39.

La Longueville Communal Cemetery in France-1.

La Motte-Brebiere Communal Cemetery in France.-1.

La Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie in France.-41.

La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery, Belgium-10.

La Targette British Cemetery, Neuville-St, Vaast.-5.

La Vallee-Mulatre Communal Cemetery Extension.-2.

La Ville-Aux-Bois Military Cemetery in France-2.

Labasheeda (Killofin) Cemetery, County Clare.-1.

La-Brique Military Cemetery, Number 1. Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium-1.

La-Clytte Military Cemetery, in Belgium.-1.

La-Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial in France-14.

Lagnicourt Hedge Cemetery, France-4.

Lahana Military Cemetery in Greece-19.

L’Aigle New Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Lala Baba Cemetery in Turkey.-11.

Laleu Communal Cemetery-1.

Lambeth Cemetery.-1.

Lancashire Cottage Cemetery in Belgium.-6.

Lancashire Landing Cemetery Extension in Turkey.-1.

Lancashire Landing Cemetery in Turkey-34.

Lancaster Cemetery, Lancashire, UK-2.

Lancaster Cemetery, Lancashire, UK-3.

La-Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie in France.-8.

Lansdown Burial Ground in Bath, UK-1.

Lapugnoy Military Cemetery in France-19.

Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery in Belgium.-11.

Laventie Military Cemetery, La Gorgue, Nord in France.-6.

Le Baraques Military Cemetery-1.

Le Bizet Cemetery, Armentieres.-1.

Le Cateau Military Cemetery, France.-26.

Le Catelet Churchyard, Aisne in France.-2.

Le Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial-9.

Le Gonards Cemetery, Versailles in France.-2.

Le Grand Beaumart British Cemetery, Steenwerck, Nord in France.-4.

Le Grand Hasard Military Cemetery, Morbecque, France-2.

Le Mans West Cemetery in France.-6.

Le Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie.-1.

Le Petit Lac Cemetery, Algeria.-1.

Le Quesnel Communal Cemetery in France.-2.

Le Quesnoy Communal Cemetery Extension-6.

Le Targette British Cemetery, Neuville-St, Vaast in France-4.

Le Touquet Railway Crossing Cemetery, Comines-Warneton, Hainaut, Belgium-6.

Le Touquet-Paris Plage Communal Cemetery in France-6.

Le Touret Memorial in France-892.

Le Touret Military Cemetery, Richebourg-L’Avoue in France-20.

Le Treport Military Cemetery in France-13.

Le Trou Aid Post Cemetery, Fleurbaix, France-4.

Leamlara Catholic Church Ground, County Cork.-1.

Lebucquiere Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais, France-5.

Ledeghem Military Cemetery, Belgium.-9.

Leeds (Harehills) Cemetery.-1.

Leeds (Lawns Wood) Cemetery, UK.-5.

Leeds Roman Catholic Cemetery, UK.-6.

Legnano Communal Cemetery, Italy-1.

Leicester (Gilroes) Cemetery, Leicestershire-2.

Leicester (Welford Road) Cemetery, UK.-9.

Leigh Cemetery, Lancashire.-1.

Leigue Cemetery, Ballina.-1.

Lens Eastern Communal Cemetery, France.-1.

Lerwick New Cemetery, Shetland. U.K. -1.

Les Baraques Military Cemetery, Sangatte in France.-26.

Les Gonards Cemetery, Versailles.-2.

Lettermacaward Catholic Cemetery, County Donegal.-1.

Leuze Communal Cemetery, Leuze-en-Hainaut, Hainaut, Belgium.-3.

Levallois-Perret Communal Cemetery, Paris.-2.

Level Crossing Cemetery, Fampoux in France.-7.

Lewisham (Ladywell) Cemetery, UK.-3.

Leytonstone (St Patricks) Roman Catholic Cemetery. UK.-5.

Lievin Communal Cemetery Extension in France.-21.

Ligny-En-Cambresis Communal Cemetery, Nord. France.-1.

Ligny-St. Flochel British Cemetery, Averdoingt in France.-8.

Ligny-Sur-Canche British Cemetery in France.-6.

Lijssenthoek Military Cemetary in Belgium-199.

Lille Southern Cemetery, Nord in France.-8.

Lillers Communal Cemetery in France-49.

Limbe Botanical Gardens Burial Ground, Cameroon.-1.

Limerick (King’s Island) Military Cemetery, County Limerick-78.

Limerick (St Lawrence’s) Catholic Cemetery, County Limerick-27.

Limerick (St Mary) Cathedral Churchyard, County Limerick-1.

Limerick (St. Patrick’s) Graveyard, Co. Limerick-5.

Lincoln (Newport) Cemetery, Lincolnshire, UK-7.

Lindenhoek Chalet Military Cemetery, Heuvelland in Belgium-5.

Lindi Cemetery, East Africa.-1.

Linselles Communal Cemetery-1.

Lisbunny Cemetery, Tipperary.-2.

Lislee Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork-1.

Lismore Old Catholic Cemetery, County Waterford.-1.

Listowel Cemetery, County Kerry-2.

Little Bray (St Peters) Catholic Cemetery, Wicklow-4.

Liverpool (Allerton) Cemetery, Liverpool, UK.-3.

Liverpool (Anfield) Cemetery, Lancashire-15.

Liverpool (Everton) Cemetery, Lancashire-1.

Liverpool (Ford) Roman Catholic Cemetery in Liverpool, UK.-2.

Liverpool (Ford) Roman Catholic Cemetery UK-14.

Liverpool (Kirkdale) Cemetery, UK-13.

Liverpool (Kirkdale) Cemetery-3.

Liverpool (Toxteth Park) Cemetery-1.

Liverpool (Yew Tree) Roman Catholic Cemetery UK.-3.

Llanaber (St Mary) Churchyard, Merionethshire-1.

Llandudno (Great Orme’s Head) Cemetery, UK.-2.

Llaneilian (St Eilian) Churchyard, Anglesey.-1.

Llangefni Cemetery-1.

Llanllwchaiarn (St Llwchaiarn) (or New Quay) Churchyard UK.-1.

Llanwnda Cemetery, Pembrokeshire, Wales.-1.

Locre Hospice Cemetery in Belgium.-6.

Locre No 10 Cemetery.-2.

Loker Churchyard in Belgium.-13.

Lokoja Memorial, Nigeria.-1.

London Cemetery and Extension, Longueval in France-13.

London Cemetery, Neuville-Vitasse.-3.

London Rifle Brigade Cemetery, Comines-Warneton, Hainaut, Belgium.-10.

Londonderry City Cemetery, Northern Ireland-11.

Lone Pine Cemetery, Anzac in Turkey.-15.

Lone Pine Memorial in Turkey.-67.

Lone Tree Cemetery in Belgium-6.

Longbenton (Benton) Cemetery, Northumberland, UK-1.

Longford (Ballymacormack) Cemetery, County Longford.-10.

Longueau British Cemetery, France.-4.

Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery in France.-90.

Longueval Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Longueval Road Cametery, France.-3.

Lonsdale Cemetery Authuile in France.-9.

Loos British Cemetery in France.-19.

Loos Memorial in France-566.

Lorrha, Cemetery, Tipperary.-1.

Loughcrew Church of Ireland Churchyard.-1.

Loughrea (Garrybreda) Cemetery, County Galway-3.

Loughrea (St Brendan) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Galway-1.

Louth Old Graveyard.-1.

Louvencourt Military Cemetery in France.-10.

Louveral Military Cemetery, Doignies-2.

Lower Fahan (Christ Church) Churchyard, County Donegal-16.

Lowestoft (Beccles Road) Cemetery-1.

Lowrie Cemetery, Havrincourt, France.03.

Lucan New Cemetery, County Dublin.-1.

Lucknow Cantonment Military Cemetery, India.-1.

Luggacurren Cemetery, Stradbally, County Laois-1.

Lumbo British Cemetery, Mozambique-4.

Lurgan (Dougher) Roman Catholic Cemetery, County Armagh.-1.

Luton Church Burial Ground, Bedfordshire, UK.-1.

Lydd (All Saints) Churchyard, Kent, U.K.-1.

Lyndhurst Cemetery, Hampshire.-1.

Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery, Orkney-14.

Lyon (La Guillotiere) Old Communal Cemetery.-1.

Lyre Churchyard, County Cork-1.




Maala Cemetert, Yemen-4.

Madras (St Marys) Cemetery, Chennai, India.-1.

Madras (St Patrick’s) Cemetery, Chennai, India.-1.

Madras 1914-18 War Memorial, Chikmagalur Cemetery, Chennai, India.-20.

Magnaboschi British Cemetery, Italy.-1.

Maidstone Cemetery, Kent-1.

Mailly Wood Cemetery, Mailly-Maillet-8.

Mailly-Maillet Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme in France-5.

Maintenon Communal Cemetery in France.-1.

Maison-Roland Churchyard, France.-1.

Malahide (St Andrew) Church of Ireland Churchyard.-1.

Malappuram (Christ Church) Cemetery.-1.

Malbork Commonwealth War Cemetery.-1.

Malden (Holy Cross) Cemetery, Mass., U.S.A.-1.

Mallardstown (Whitechurch) Cemetery, County Kilkenny.-1.

Mallow (St Joseph’s) Catholic Cemetery, County Cork-1.

Malo-Les-Bains Communal Cemetery.-1.

Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery, Malta.-20.

Manchester (Philips Park) Cemetery.-1.

Manchester Southern Cemetery, UK-5.

Manitoba Cemetery Caix, France-4.

Manor Kilbride Old Graveyard, County Wicklow.-1.

Manorcunningham (Errity) Presbyterian Churchyard, County Donegal-2.

Manston (St James) Churchyard, U.K.-1.

Maple Leaf Cemetery, Hainaut, Belgium.-4.

Maple Copse Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.-2.

Mapleton (St Clement’s) Cemetery.-1.

Marcinelle New Communal Cemetery-1.

Marcoing British Cemetery in France.-2.

Marfaux British Cemetery, Marne, France-4.

Margate Cemetery, Kent-1.

Marlborough Old Cemetery, UK.-1.

Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay in France.34.

Maroeuil British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.-3.

Maroilles Communal Cemetery in France.-1.

Marske-In-Cleveland (St Germain) Churchyard, Yorkshire-1.

Marteville Communal Cemetery, Attilly.-1.

Marthes Churchyard, Pas-De-Calais, France-1.

Martinsart British Cemetery in France.-8.

Mary’s Cemetery, Currykippane, County Cork.-1.

Marys Churchyard, Tipperary-3.

Maselskaya Burial Ground-1.

Masnieres British Cemetery, Marcoing in France-1.

Maube (Sous-le-Bois) Cemetery-1.

Maubeuge-Centre Cemetery, Nord, France.-2.

Maulinward Burial Ground, County Cork.-1.

Maurois Communal Cemetery, France.-5.

Maynooth (Lady’s Chapel) Graveyard.-1.

Mayo Abbey Cemetery, County Mayo.-1.

Mazargues War Cematery, Marseilles in France-17.

Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery Extension in France-25.

Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery in France-1.

Meath Cemetery, Villers-Guislain.-1.

Meaulte Military Cemetery in France.-5.

Medicine Hat (Hillside) Cemetery-1.

Meedian Catholic Cemetery, Rochfordbridge, Westmeath.-1.

Meelick Cemetery, County Mayo.-1.

Meerut Cantonment Cemetery.-1.

Melcombe Regis Cemetery, Dorset, UK.-3.

Mendingham Military Cemetery in Belgium.-49.

Menin Road South Military Cemetery in Belgium-64.

Mericourt-l’Abbe Communal Cemetery Extenstion, Mericourt-l’Abbe in France.-2.

Merthyr Tydfil (Aberfan) Cemetery, Glamorganshire.-1.

Merthyr Tydfil (Pant) Cemetery, Glamorganshire.-2.

Merville Communal Cemetery Extension in France.-3.

Merville Communal Cemetery in France.-27.

Mesnil Ridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart in Franc-5.

Messines Ridge (N.Z.) Memorial in Belgium-12.

Messines Ridge British Cemetery in Belgium-12.

Meteren Military Cemetery in France.-7.

Metz-En-Couture Communal Cemetery British Extension in France-6.

Meulte Military Cemetery in France-1.

Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France.-89.

Mezieres Communal Cemetery Extension-2.

Mhow New Cemetery.-1.

Midleton (The Rosary) Catholic Churchyard, County Cork.-5.

Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria in Greece-54.

Mikra Memorial in Greece.-19.

Mildura Public Cemetery.1-.

Milford Haven Cemetery.-2.

Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval, Nord, France.-19.

Mill Switch British Cemetery, Tilloy-Les-Cambrai, Nord, France.-3.

Millburn United Free Churchyard, Cardross-1.

Millencourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France.-4.

Millstreet Churchyard, County Cork.-2.

Mindel Trench Military Cemetery.Pas de Calais, France.-2.

Minehead Cemetery, Somerset.-1.

Minster (Thanet) Cemetery, Kent, UK.-10.

Minty Farm Cemetery in Belgium-2.

Mitchelstown Catholic Churchyard, County Cork.-1.

Mobtecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension-1.

Modreeny Church of Ireland Cemetery, County Tipperary-2.

Moeuvres Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, France.-10

Moeuvres Communal Cemetery Nord, France.-1.

Moglass Catholic Churchyard, Tipperary-2.

Mohill Cemetery, County Leitrim.-3.

Mold Cemetery, Flintshire.-1.

Molliens-Au-Bois Communal Cemetery, France.-1.

Mombasa (MBARAKI) Cemetery in Kenya-4.

Monaghan (Latlorcan) Catholic Cemetery, County Monaghan-3.

Monasterevan (St John) Church of Ireland Churchyard.-2.

Monasterevan Old Catholic Graveyard.-1.

Monasteroris Old Graveyard, County Offaly.-2.

Monceau St.Waast Communal Cemetery, Nord, France.-2.

Monchy British Cemetery, Monchy-Le-Preux in France.-2

Monea Roman Catholic Churchyard, County Fermanagh.-1.

Monreagh Presbyterian Churchyard, County Donegal.-1.

Mons (Bergen) Communal Cemetery in Belgium-7.

Mont Huon Military Cemetery, Le Treport in France.-40.

Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery, Montay in France.-23.

Montbrehain British Cemetery-1.

Montcornet Military Cemetery, Aisne, France.-2.

Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, Italy-1.

Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension-3.

Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery, Italy.-1.

Montigny Communal Cemetery, Nord, France.-1.

Montmedy German Cemetery.-1.

Montreal (Mount Royal) Cemetery-1.

Montreal (Notre Dame Des Neiges) Cemetery, Quebec, Canada.-6.

Montreuil-Aux-Lions British Cemetery in France.-6.

Moorechurch Graveyard, County Meath-1.

Mooroompha Public Cemetery, Victoria, Australia.-1.

Moose Jaw Cemetery.-1.

Morbecque British Cemetery, France-1.

Morchies Australian Cemetery, Morchies, Pas De Calais, France.-2.

Morchies Communal Cemetery, France.-1.

Morchies Military Cemetery, Morchies, Pas De Calais, France.-3.

Moregem Churchyard.-1.

Moreuil Communal Cemetery Allied Extension-2.

Morlancourt British Cemetery No 1 in France.-1.

Morlancourt British Cemetery No 2 in France.-1.

Morogoro Cemetery in Tanzania.-8.

Mortlake (St Mary Magdalen) Roman Catholic Churchyard, in Surrey.-1.

Morton (St Joseph’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery.-1.

Mory Abbey Military Cemetery, Mory in France.-8.

Mory Street Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. -1.

Moshi Cemetery in Tanzania.-1.

Moston (St Joseph’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery, UK.-13.

Motecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, Italy.-1.

Motor Car Corner Cemetery, Comines-Warneton, Hainaut, Belgium.-4.

Mount Jerome Cemetery in Dublin.37.

Mount Olivet Cemetery, Nova Scotia.-1.

Mounttemple Churchyard, Co. Westmeath-2.

Moy-De-L’Aisne Communal Cemetery, Aisne in France-2.

Moyenneville (Two Tree) Cemetery.-1.

Moyglare Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Meath.-1.

Moymet Old Graveyard.-1.

Mucklagh Cathloic Churchyard, County Offaly.-1.

Muff Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Donega-2.

Mullawn (St Bridget’s) Cemetery, Carlow.-1.

Mundesley (All Saints) Churchyard, Norfolk, U.K.-1.

Munich Trench British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel.-1.


Naas (Maudlings, or St Magdalen’s) Protestant Cemetery-1.

Naas (St Corban’s) Catholic Cemetery, County Kildare.-15.

Nairobi South Cemetery, Kenya.-4.

Nakuru North Cemetery-1.

Namps-Au-Val British Cemetery, France.-13.

Nanaimo Public Cemetery-1.

Nantes (La Bouteillerie) Cemetery, in France.-1.

Narrogin Cemetery.-1.

Navan New Cemetery.-2.

Naves Communal Cemetery Extension.-1.

Ndola (Kansenshi) Cemetery. Zambia.-1.

Neath (Ynysymaerdy) Cemetery, Glaorganshire.-1.

Nechells (St Joseph) Roman Catholic Churchyard, Warwickshire, UK -1.

Necrople Nationale of Le Bois du Puits-1.

Nelson Memorial Park, Canada.-1.

Nenagh (Barrack Street) Graveyard, County Tipperary-7.

Nesle Communal Cemetery, France-1.

Nesles-La-Gilberde Communal Cemetery.-1.

Netheravon (All Saints) Churchyard in Wiltshire-1

Netley Military Cemetery, Hampshire, UK.-36.

Neuchatel-Hardelot (Neuchatel) Churchyard-1.

Neuilly-Sur-Seine New Communal Cemetery-1.

Neuve-Chapelle Farm Cemetery in France.-2.

Neuve-Chapelle Memorial, France.-4.

Neuville-Bourjonval British Cemetery, France.-2.

Neuville-St. Vaast in France.-1.

New Cavalry Cemetery, Queen’s, New York, U.S.A.-1.

New Cemetery, Naas, County Kildare.-2.

New Irish Farm Cemetery in Belgium.-35.

New Munich Trench British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel.-1.

New Ross (St Stephen) Catholic Churchyard, County Wexford-5.

New Southgate Cemetery in Hertfordshire, UK.-2.

New York City Brooklyn (The Evergreens) Cemetery-1.

New York City Woodside Cemetery, New York, USA.-1.

New Zealand Memorial, Longueval, France.-1.

New Zealand No 2 Outpost Cemetery, Turkey.-1.

Newark-Upon-Trent Cemetery, Nottinghamshire.-1.

Newcastle Old Catholic Graveyard in Tipperary.-1.

Newcastle West (Church Town) Cemetery, County Limerick.-1.

Newcastle-Under-Lyme Cemetery, Staffordshire.-1.

Newcastle-Upon Tyne (St Andrew’s and Jesmond) Cemetery-9.

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (Byker and Heaton) Cemetery-1.

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (St John’s Westgate and Elswick) Cemetery, UK.-2.

Newchurch-in-Rossendale (St. Nicholas) Churchyard Lancashire.-1.

Newhaven Cemetery, Sussex.-1.

Newington (St Nicholas) Churchyard.-1.

Newport (Christchurch) Cemetery, Monmouthshire, UK.-1.

Newport (St Woolos) Cemetery, Monmouthshire.-9.

Newport Cemetery, Shropshire.-1.

Newport Prysbyterian Churchyard, County Mayo.-1.

Newry Old Chapel Roman Catholic Cemetery, County Down.-1.

Newtown (All Saints) Catholic Churchyard, County Waterford-1.

Newtown Cemetery, Navan, County Meath-1.

Newtown Cemetery, Trim, County Meath-5.

Newtown Forbes (St Ann) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Longford.-1.

Newtown Forbes Old Graveyard, Longford, Ireland.-1.

Niagara Cemetery, Iwoy, France.-2.

Nicholstown Burial Ground, County Kildare.-2.

Niederzwehren Cemetery, Kassel, Germany.-83.

Nieppe-Bois (Rue-Du-Bois) British Cemetery, Vieux-Berquin, Nord in France.-5.

Nieuport Communal Cemetery, Belgium.-3.

Nieuport Memorial, Nieuwpoort, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.-7.

Nieuwerke (Neuve-Eglise) Churchyard, 12 Kilometres south of Ypres-3.

Nine Elms British Cemetery, Popeninghe, West-Vlaanderen in Belgium.-23.

Nine Elms Military Cemetery, Thelus in France.-11.

Ninth Avenue Cemetery, Haisnes in France.-2.

No 2 Outpost Cemetery, Turkey.-1.

No Man’s Cot Cemetery, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.-2.

Noeux-Les-Mines Communal Cemetery, France-52.

Noreul Australian Cemetery, France.-1.

Norfolk Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt in France.-4.

North Cerney (All Saints) Churchyard, Gloucestershire. U.K.-1.

North Ormesby (St Joseph’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Yorkshire, UK.-1.

North Point Christian Cemetery, Kamaran Island-1.

North Sheen Cemetery.-1.

Northfleet Cemetery, Kent, UK.-1.

Norton-Juxta-Kempsey (St James the Great) Churchyard, Worcestershire. Norton-Juxta-Kempsey (St James the Great) Churchyard, Worcestershire.-1.

Norwich Cemetery, Norfolk, UK.-7.

Nottingham General Cemetery UK.-5.

Nottingham Northern Cemetery.-1.

Nouvelles Communal Cemetery, Belgium.-1.

Nowshera Military Cemetery in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan-1.

Noyelles-Sur-L’Escaut Communal Cemetery Extension, France.-2.

Noyon New British Cemetery, France.-5.

Nunhead (All Saints) Cemetery, London, U.K-6.

Nurney Catholic Churchyard.-1.




Oak Dump Cemetery in Belgium.-2.

Oakville Cemetery in County Laois-1.

Oban (Pennyfuir) Cemetery.-2.

Obourg Chyd Memorial 4 in St Symphrien Military Cemetery in Belgium.-1.

Oise-Aisne American Cemetery, Fere-en-Tardennis, France.-22.

Old Connaught Burial Ground, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin.-2.

Old Kilcarne Cemetery.-1.

Old Kildimo Graveyard, County Limerick.-1.

Old Monkland Cemetery, Lancashire.-1.

Old Yard Chapel Yard, Chapel Streetm Newry, County Down-1.

Oldcastle Cemetery.-1.

Oldcoates-Oldcoats (St Helens) Roman Catholic Cemetery-1.

Oldham (Greenacres) Cemetery, Lancashire, U.K.-1.

Omagh (Dublin Road) Cemetery, County Tyrone-2.

Omey (Christ Church) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Galway-1.

Ontario Cemetery, Sains-Les-Marquion in France-3.

Oostende New Communal Cemetery-1.

Oosttaverne Wood Cemetery, Belgium.-4.

Orchard Dump Cemetery, Arleux-En-Gohelle in France.-11.

Orival Wood Cemetery, Flesquieres, France-3.

Orly-Sur-Morin Communal Cemetery in France-3.

Orpington (All Saints) Churchyard Extension, Kent.-3.

Osmondwall Cemetery, Orkney.-3.

Osmondwall New Cemetery, Longhope Orkneys.-1.

Ostreville Churchyard, Pas De Calais, France.-1.

Oswestry General Cemetery in Shropshire, UK.-2.

Ottowa (Beechwood) Cemetery, Canada.-2.

Ottowa (Notre Dame) Cemetery, Ottawa, Canada.-1.

Oulchy-Le-Chateau Churchyard Extension, France.-1.

Outtersteene Communal Cemetery Extension, Bailleul in France.-14.

Ovillers Military Cemetery in France.-17.

Owning Cemetery, near Piltown Co Kilkenny.-1

Oxford (Botely) Cemetery, Oxfordshire, UK.-4.

Oxford Road Cemetery, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.-6.




Padua Main Cemetery-1.

Paisley (Hawkhead) Cemetery, Renfrewshire.-3.

Paissy Churchyard, Aisne, France.-1.

Pargny British Cemetery, France-2.

Parish Cemetery, Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland.-1.

Parkhurst Military Cemetery, Isle of Wight.-4.

Passchendaele New British Cemetery in Belgium-8.

Peake Wood Cemetery.-1.

Pemba Cemetery, Mozambique.-2.

Pembroke Dock (Llanion) Cemetery in Wales.-2.

Pembroke Dock Military Cemetery, Pembrokeshire, Wales.-1.

Penmaenmawr (Dwygyflychi) Cemetery, Wales.-1.

Penzance Cemetery UK.-3.

Pernes British Cemetery-1.

Pernois British Cemetery, Halloy-Les-Pernois, France-20.

Peronne Communal Cemetery Extension in France.-20.

Peronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt in France-15.

Perreuse Chateau Franco British National Cemetery, France.-5.

Perth Cemetery (China Wall) in Belgium.-22.

Peterborough Old Cemetery (or Broadway Cemetery).-2.

Peterhead Old Churchyard.-1.

Phalempin Communal Cemetery, France.-1.

Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe in France-119.

Picquigny British Cemetery in France.-2.

Pieta Military Cemetery in Malta.-13.

Pietermaritzburg (Commerical Road) Cemetery.-1.

Pigeon Ravine Cemetery, Epehy-1.

Pine Ridge Memorial Park, Australia.-2.

Pink Farm Cemetery, Helles in Turkey-15.

Piraeus Naval and Air Consular Cemetery in Greece.-2.

Pittsburgh (St Mary’s) Cemetery-1.

Ploegsteert Churchyard, Belgium.-1.

Ploegsteert Memorial in Belgium-401.

Plouescat Communal Cemetery-1.

Plovdiv Central Cemetery in Bulgaria.-4.

Plugge’s Plateau Cemetery, Anzac.-1.

Plumstead Cemetery, Abbey Wood, SE2 0NS, UK.-2.

Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery, Devon, UK-5.

Plymouth (Ford Park) Cemetery-46.

Plymouth (Weston Hill) Cemetery, UK.-17.

Plymouth Corporation Cemetery, Weston Mill, Devonport, Devon.-1.

Plymouth Naval Memorial UK.-615.

Poelcapelle British Cemetery in Belgium-33.

Point 110 Old Military Cemetery-1.

Point-Du-Jour Military Cemetery, Athies.-3.

Poix-Du-Nord Communal Cemetery Extension in France.-1.

Polygon Wood Cemetery-1.

Pommereuil Communal Cemetery, Pas-De-Calais, France-3.

Pond Farm Cemetery in Belgium-54.

Pont-A-Vendin Communal Cemetery, Pas De Calais, France-3.

Pont-D’Achelles Military Cemetery, Nieppe in France.-5.

Pont-De-Nieppe Communal Cemetery in France-7.

Pont-Du-Hem Military Cemetery, La Gorgue, France.-15.

Pont-Du-Jour Military Cemetery, Athies-1.

Pontefract Cemetery, Yorkshire-1.

Pont-Sur-Sambre Communal Cemetery in France.-1.

Poole (Parkstone) Cemetery, Dorset, U.K.-2.

Poole Cemetery, Dorset, U.K.-1.

Poona (St Sepulchre’s) Cemetery, India-3.

Poperinghe Communal Cemetery in Belgium.-4.

Poperinghe New Military Cemetery Belgium.-37.

Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery in Belgium.-26.

Port Said War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt.-4.

Portarlington (St Michaels) Cemetery in County Laois.-2.

Portarlington (St Paul) Cemetery, County Laois.-2.

Porte-De-Paris Cemetery, Cambrai, France.-5.

Portferry Roman Catholic Churchyard.-1.

Portianos Military Cemetery in Greece.-14.

Portland (St George) Churchyard, Dorset-1.

Portland Royal Naval Cemetery.-3.

Portlaoise (St. Peter and Paul) Cemetery, County Laois.-5.

Portlaw (St Patrick’s) Catholic Churchyard, County Waterford.-1.

Portmarnock (St Marnock’s) Old Cemetery, County Dublin-2.

Portpatrick Cemetery, Wigtownshire.-1.

Portsdown (Christ Church) Military Cemetery, UK-5.

Portsmouth (Highland Road) Cemetery, Hampshire, U.K.-5.

Portsmouth (Kingston) Cemetery, Hampshire, UK.-4.

Portsmouth (Milton) Cemetery, Hampshire, UK.-3.

Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Hampshire-256.

Post Office Rifles Cemetery, Festubert, France-6.

Potchefstroom Military Cemetery, South Africa.-3.

Potijze Burial Ground Cemetery in Belgium.-28.

Potijze Chateau Grounds Cemetery in Belgium-22.

Potijze Chateau Lawn Cematery in Belgium.-22.

Potijze Chateau Wood Cemetery in Belgium-6.

Pottahee Catholic Churchyard, County Cavan.-1.

Powerscourt (St Patrick) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Wicklow.-2.

Powerstown (St Johns) Catholic Cemetery. Tipperary.-1.

Pozieres British Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boiselle, France.-24.

Pozieres Memorial in France.-598.

Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery in Poland.-5.

Premont British Cemetery, Aisne, France.-9.

Presau Communal Cemetery Extension.-1.

Prescot (St Mary’s) Churchyard, Lancashire.-1.

Preseau Communal Cemetery Extension, France.-2.

Preston (New Hall Lane) Cemetery, Lancashire.-2.

Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gouy in France-19.

Prospect Hill, Galway.-1.

Proville British Cemetery, France.-2.

Prowse Point Military Cemetery in Belgium-43.

Puchevillers British Cemetery in France.-31.

Pulla Graveyard, County Waterford.-1.

Puttlehall (St Michael) Catholic Churchyard.-1.





Quarry Cemetery, Montaban in France.-25.

Quarry Cemetery, Vermelles in France-3.

Quarry Wood Cemetery, Sains-Les-Marquion, Pas-De-Calais, France.-4.

Queant Communal Cemetery British Extension in France.-8.

Queant Road Cemetery, Buissy, Pas-De-Calais in France.-7.

Quebec Cemetery, Cerisy.-2.

Quebec City (St Patrick’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery.-3.

Queen’s Cemetery, Bacquoy, France-9.

Queensferry Cemetery, West Lothian, U.K.-9.

Querrieu British Cemetery, France.-1.

Querrin (Temple Made) Cemetery, County Clare.-1.

Quetta Government Cemetery.-1.

Quin Abbey-2.

Quinn’s Post Cemetery, Anzac, Turkey.-3.


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