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1945 – The Atom Goes Ballistic But The Nationalist Is Optimistic

bomb inside

The Nationalist, 8 August 1945

On 6 August 1945 President of the USA, Harry S. Truman, finished one chapter in the history of foreign relations and immediately started another: the dropping of the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima precipitated the ending of World War II but heralded the beginning of the Atomic Age, and the threat of “The Bomb” would hover over international politics for the next half century. The world reacted to these events with both horror and fear, as did The Nationalist, but present also in its Editorial of 8 August 1945 is some optimism that some good might come out of all of this. After all, the airplane did also have its origins in warfare…

Nat 8 Aug 1945

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