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Memories of Clonmel in the 50s and 60s_part 4

The final instalment of ‘Memories of Clonmel in the 50s and 60’s’ by Noel Fanning
Noel grew up in Clonmel in the 1950s and 1960s. He has fond memories of his childhood in the town, where street lights were turned off at midnight and items were shared, lent, and handed down among friends and family. Noel particularly remembers the strong sense of community on Oliver Plunkett Terrace, where he lived, and the many fantastic neighbours and friends he had growing up. He recalls the sense of freedom he experienced during his childhood and memories of life on the terrace, which he shares with readers today.

Still More Memories of the 50’s & 60’s

Newly Weds living in flats over shops & upstairs in houses throughout the town.

People moving house and the furniture being transported on horse & carts or handcarts.

Bargains of the day being written with white windowlene on shop windows.

Bringing money to school for the black babies.

Corporation men with two bins on a special buggy sweeping the streets.

Pubs not been officially open in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day until the early 1960’s.

Shoemakers putting new tips on high heels for the ladies.

The man mending or replacing the ribs in umbrellas.

Cars being started with a starting handle.

Most of the shops in the town closing for a half-day on Thursdays.

Corporation men with a big pump on a horse & cart cleaning the streets after the fair day.

The Catholic newspapers being sold from barrows in the churchyards on Sundays.

Buying expensive items on the hire purchase.

Clerk of the Churches pulling the rope to ring The Angelus and Mass bells.

Making and selling St. Brigid’s Crosses for the 1st. February.

Everyone doing their primary cert. exam in sixth class.

“The school around the Corner” on the radio hosted by Paddy Crosby.

Being able to buy broken biscuits at a reduced rate in Woolworths.

Going to fields outside the town to find and pick fresh mushrooms.

Getting on the bus at the Bus Office in Nelson Street.

Doing the water safety courses in the river at The Island Boat Club during the Summer Holidays.

Pubs being closed on Christmas day, Good Friday & St. Patrick’s day.

Queuing at telephone boxes with loads of change to talk to relatives in England.

Shovelling horse manure off the road to be used as fertilizer for the roses.

Hearing the Army bugler from the barracks in the mornings.

Searching for old pram wheels to make a four-wheel cart.

Recording the latest songs on Radio Luxemburg with a twin reel tape recorder.

Plucking turkeys in Power’s on the Quay to get a few bob for Christmas.

Visiting Santa Claus in the Blackrock and Brady’s in O’Connell Street.


Noel Fanning

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