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1830 – Clonmel Elects Coote Without Any Dispute

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1830 – Clonmel Elects Coote Without Any Dispute

Clonmel Advertiser, 20 & 24 February 1830

The coverage in the Clonmel Advertiser of the election of Eyre Coote as M.P. for Clonmel in 1830. He was filling the vacancy left by James Hewitt Massy Dawson, who resigned his seat in order to contest the Limerick election, in which he was successful. Coote was a member of a famous Anglo-Irish military family, and both his father and granduncle served at a high rank. He was born in Jamaica, where his father was Governor, in 1806. In 1823 he inherited his father’s vast wealth and five years later he married Elizabeth Rosetta, daughter of the man whose Clonmel seat he would later fill. He took little part in that Parliament, one of his few contributions being to vote against Jewish emancipation. He was later returned unopposed, (despite being called a “stranger” in the town by his opponents) before stepping out of the 1832 election in favour of his cousin, John Bagwell, the successor to the Marlfield Estate. He died in Naples in May, 1834.

Clonmel Advertiser 20 Feb 1830 Coote

Clonmel Advertiser 24 Feb 1830 Coote

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