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1825 – Servant Lad’s Tale of Woe Trying to Launder Notes from Roe

Loran Park inside

Freeman’s Journal, 11 April 1825

There are a few lessons to be learned here from the case of James Cleary, who stole £1500 worth of cash and jewellery from George Roe, of Loran Park, Roscrea. They are as follows;

  • Be sure of the character of those you admit to your bedchamber;

  • If you are in the habit of keeping cheques, notes and shiny things in a box in your home, check the box regularly;

  • If you take the plunge and steal these things, don’t act the “Champagne Charlie” on the boat as you try to make good your escape;

  • When you have found a place of safe haven, in, for example, a “chop house”, don’t throw your change around the room like confetti at the wedding chapel gate.

Mr. Roe was again robbed not shortly after Cleary’s theft, and one wonders exactly how rich he was when this “considerable” amount of notes was not missed for eight months!

FJ1 11 Apr 1825 Robbery

FJ2 11 Apr 1825 Robbery

FJ3 11 Apr 1825 Robbery

FJ4 11 Apr 1825 Robbery

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