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1922 – Present : National schools (post Independence)

The national school system continued after Independence but with some changes. Irish was added to the curriculum, another change was the emphasis on national history. Notice the difference in the approach between a history book from 1896 and one from the 20th century.

Sewing and knitting were still taught to girls until the late 20th century. Here are samples of the type of projects children learned from first class onwards in a Tipperary school circa 1970

Before decimalisation in 1971 children had to learn how to do arithmetic using pounds shillings and pence.

Have a look at a textbook from the 1960’s and see how you would have managed.

Tipperary Studies also holds incomplete records for the following schools.

Ardmayle NS 1879-1956

Ballincurry NS 1935-1940

Ballingarry Boys NS 1870-1925

Ballinlonty NS 1911-1971

Ballynonty NS 1966-1969

Boherlahan NS 1930-2003

Curraghpoor NS 1919- 1972

Drom NS 1871-1931 (includes roll for cookery and laundry work)

Dualla NS 1915-1997

Gortagarry NS 1896-1958

Graystown NS 1948 -1970

Killenaule NS 1919-1925

Newtown NS 1860-2016

Nodstown NS 1841-1987

Shronell NS 1871 – 2016

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