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Editor: Marcus Bourke

217 pages; 28 Articles

The Great Famine 1845 – 1852



  •  Maurice Davin (1842-1927): First President of the GAA; Séamus Ó Riain [Reviewed by Córmac Ó Gráda]
  • The Two Tipperarys; Donal A. Murphy [Reviewed by John B. O’Brien]
  • Times to Cherish: Cashel & Rosegreen Parish History, 1795-1995; Bernie Moloney (ed) [Reviewed by Marcus Bourke]
  • Irish Prehistory: A Social Perspective; Gabriel Cooney & Eoin Grogan [Reviewed by Cora O’Grady]
  • Irish Shrines and Reliquaries of the Middle Ages; Raghnall O Floinn Irish Furniture and Woodcraft; John Teahan The Fenians; Michael Kenny [Reviewed by Patrick Holland]
  • Providence: The Life and Times of John Grant; Jacqueline Grant [Reviewed by Marcus Bourke]
  • Protestant Dissent and Controversy in Ireland, 1660-1714; Phil Kilroy [Reviewed by James McGuire]
  • The Land War and its Leaders in Queen’s County, 1879-82; J. W. H. Carter [Reviewed by Gerard Moran]
  • British High Politics and a Nationalist Ireland: Criminality, Land and the Law under Forster and Balfour; Margaret O’Callaghan [Reviewed by Denis G. Marnane]
  • Urban Improvement in Provincial Ireland, 1700-1840; B. J. Graham & L. J. Proudfoot [Reviewed by William Jenkins]
  • The Isle of the Saints: Monastic Settlement and Christian Community in Early Ireland; Lisa M. Bitel [Reviewed by Liam Ó Duibhir]
  • W. E. H. Lecky: Historian and Politician, 1838-1903; Donal McCartney [Reviewed by R. V. Comerford}

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