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Editor: Marcus Bourke

197 pages; 21 Articles


  • Land, Politics and Society in Eighteenth-Century Tipperary; Thomas P. Power [Reviewed by Denis G. Marnane]
  • Approaching the Past: Historical Anthropology through Irish Case Studies; Marilyn Silverman & P. H. Gilliver [Reviewed by P. J. Duffy]
  • Mullinahone Co-op: The First One Hundred Years; Denis Foley [Reviewed by William Jenkins]
  • Past Perceptions: The Prehistoric Archaeology of South-West Ireland; Elizabeth Shee Twohig & Margaret Ronayne (eds) [Reviewed by Gabriel Cooney]
  • The United Irishmen: Republicanism, Radicalism and Rebellion; D. Dickson, D. Keogh & K. Whelan (eds) [Reviewed by Toby Barnard]
  • Cashel & Emly Heritage; Walter G. Skehan [Reviewed by Christy O’Dwyer]
  • A Fool for Christ: The Priest with the Trailer; James A. Feehan [Reviewed by Christy O’Dwyer]
  • Culture in Ireland – Regions: Identity and Power; Proinsias Ó Drisceoil [Reviewed by Marcus Bourke]
  • The Road to Freedom: Photographs and Memorabilia from the 1916 Rising and Afterwards; Michael Kenny Early Celtic Art in Ireland; Eamonn P. Kelly Metal Craftsmanship in Early Ireland; Dr. Michael Ryan Megalithic Art in Ireland; Dr. Muiris O’Sullivan [Reviewed by Patrick Holland]


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