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        The Great Famine 1845 – 1852

  • The Famine in South Tipperary – Part Four
    Denis G. Marnane
  • North Tipperary Famine Orphans “exported” to Yorkshire
    Helen Kennally
  • Sir William Butler and that Famine Eviction
    Martin Ryan


  • The Obliteration of Townland Boundaries
    Michael Hall
  • Soldiers from Nenagh and District in World War 1
    Daniel Grace
  • The Dean of Cashel and the 1918 General Election
    Fr. Patrick Gaynor
  • The Diary of a Teenage Scully in Paris in 1865
    Anthony McCann
  • The Decline of the Irish Language in North Tipperary
    Mícheál Ó Gliasáin
  • The Franciscans in Clonmel, 1269-1998
    Patrick Conlan, OFM
  • Tipperary Paupers in the Limerick House of Industry, 1777-94
    John Logan
  • Tipperary Men in the Lee & Bulkeley Regiments
    Eoghan Ó hAnnracháin
  • A Portrait of Cornwallis Maude
    Patrick Holland
  • Lámhscríbhinn on 18ú hAois Deag I gCaiseal
    Donnchadh Ó Duibhir
  • Where was Ráith Breasail?
    Diarmuid Ó Murchadha
  • Excavations in the Gatehouse of Nenagh Castle, 1996-97
    Brian Hodkinson
  • Excavation of a section of the Rian Bó Phádraig near Ardfinnan
    Mary G. O’Donnell
  • The Rígdál at Terryglass (737 A.D.)
    Póilín Ní Chon Uladh
  • A Second “Sheela” at Shanrahan
    Edmund O’Riordan
  • Readers Survey Findings – Part 2
  • Obituary (Sean Guilfoyle)
    Michael Collins
  • Tipperary Historical Journal: 10-Year Index, 1988-1997
    Patrick M. Nolan


  • Medieval Grave-Slabs of County Tipperary, 1200-1600 AD; Denise Maher [Reviewed by John Bradley]
  • Tipperary in the Year of Rebellion 1798; William J. Hayes [Reviewed by Marcus Bourke]
  • The Clash of the Ash in Foreign Fields; Seamus J. King [Reviewed by Marcus Bourke]
  • Dear Land – Native Place: Monsea and Dromineer, a History; Martin Power [Reviewed by Marcus Bourke]
  • Signalman’s Memories; Albert Maher
  • All Souls; Michael Coady
  • Artic Ireland: the extraordinary story of the Great Frost and Forgotten Famine of 1740-1741; David Dickson
  • The Cappoquinn Rebellion 1849; Anthony M. Breen